Will Pakistan yet again be proven wrong?

[box]By Samridhi Dikshit [/box]


Courtesy Hindustan Times

The leader of the D-Company is sleeping in Karachi. This is what has been revealed by an Indian news channel. But after so many evidences still Pakistan is refusing of giving shelter to Dawood Ibrahim, (we all are aware of his designation).

The person who wants to know everything keeping Nation at his stake has again created a buzz by breaking the news about the current location of Dawood Ibrahim. Times Now reporters traced the phone number and called Ibrahim’s wife, Mehjabeen Shaikh in Karachi and asked whether she was indeed his wife Mehjabeen Shaikh. After an affirmative reply she said Ibrahim was asleep.

On questioning about evidences, Defence expert Major General (retd.) S.R. Sinho nicknamed Pakistan as “liar”. Giving them the proof about the photographs of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim published in Hindustan Times recently. Earlier, many times Pakistan’s Ministers like Musharraf refused of Dawood’s stay in Pakistan. But the current phone call conversation also, cannot be ignored. The agencies also have documents that show that Dawood’s family members travelled between Pakistan and Dubai. They also have images of Dawood’s Pakistani passport. And many other evidences like the some from the list of 15 houses owned by Dawood are based in Karachi.

Pakistan’s Attorney is in big danger now as the fingers are raised on them again and again. We have been witnessed the same kind of situation at the time of Osama Bin Laden who was residing near Army headquarters. Similarly, in spite of all the evidence given by India, Pakistan denied having any facts against Hafeez Sayeed and Lakhvi.

While the trail of proofs goes on between Pakistan’s rulers who for the past two decades denied the presence of the heads of crime syndicate, Indian security agencies say that the D-company reaches across the border into India for its extortion activities. This denial issue will only meet its end if we are able to prove our point which can only happen when Dawood Ibrahim is caught red handed in Pakistan.

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