Uber: It seems a never ending problem

Uber has been fined in California and will be suspended from operating as Uber failed to give the California Public Utilities Commission the information on how many rides were requested and accepted within each California zip code, how many users requested handicap accessible vehicles, and the cause of each accident involving an Uber driver.

The ruling, by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) recommended that Uber pay a $7.3 million fine and meet certain reporting requirements within 30 days or be suspended from operating in California.

Now why was the whole process incorporated? The data requests are part of a 2013 law in California which is meant to ensure that ride-hailing apps like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar don’t discriminate against people because of handicaps or where they live. According to the CPUC, Uber is the only such company to fail to meet their requirements.

Now what has Uber to say about it? Spokeswoman Eva Behrend said that Uber has already provided substantial amounts of data to the California Public Utilities Commission.

The most interesting part of the case is California is Uber’s home market. It may not take it seriously in India but if it fails to comply with the wishes of the authorities of California then it’s sure that it will lose its base. And one thing Uber should have learnt by now that is just creating jobs and expanding the business is not enough but a company should be good at the thought it started laid its foot. In this case being a good taxi operator. But the loads of complaints doesn’t really show the same.

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