The politics of DNA in Bihar

Politics in India has evolved over the time. There was a time when the leaders were polite even while targeting the opposition. Over the time, the politicians have started using an aggressive language that will capture the attention of the masses.
Indian Prime Minister is proficient in seeking the attention of the public by his speeches. He has given many catchphrases to the public through his speeches. Undoubtedly, he is a good orator, and many wait for his political address.
Recently while addressing a political rally in Bihar, PM Modi stated that THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE DNA OF NITISH KUMAR BECAUSE THE DNA OF DEMOCRACY IS NOT LIKE THAT, IN DEMOCRACY PEOPLE RESPECT THEIR POLITICAL RIVALS . His comment came in view of the broken alliance of BJP and JDU. Nitish, who was in alliance with the BJP since 2005 and ran a successful government, had broken up the alliance after eight years in 2013. The major reason for their separation is said to be Nitish Kumar’s displeasure with Modi’s Prime Ministership.
Modi’s comment did not go well with Bihar CM. He expressed his displeasure with the every possible way. He and RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav asked PM to take back his words and started a campaign called Shabd Vapsi. He used social media to show his displeasure and even wrote a letter to PM saying his DNA was the DNA of the people of Bihar.
After exploring all the avenues when Bihar CM felt that enough wasn’t said and done, he came up with a unique political stunt to grab the eyeballs. He has said that as a part of Shabd Wapsi campaign 50 lakh people of Bihar will send their hair and nail samples for the DNA tests that will cost more than $500m if done.
The political gimmick of Nitish is childish. He is trying to win over the sentiments of people by talking about Bihari pride. Mr. Kumar has forgotten that it is the same state which had given a mandate to him for progress and development, and those people have the political maturity to understand his play.
This campaign seems to have a negative impact rather than gaining positive numbers. It will altogether hurt the sentiments of the Bihari people and might trigger a sentiment against him. His alliance with RJD, which was earlier the biggest opposition has already made people sceptical about his political motives.
Instead of indulging in petty politics, he should work towards the development of the state. The state that still has the literacy rate of 69.83% needs to focus on something that will altogether contribute to its enhancement.
In Bihar, the elections are won, and politics is done majorly on the issues of caste. It is a high time when the people of Bihar need to realise that it is important to rise above caste politics to cope up with the progress of other states.

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