The Battle of ‘Bihar’

Bihar is all set to vote and this election seems to be a tough battle for Nitish, Lalu and Modi. The politics in Bihar has always been woven around caste although PM said that development would be the agenda for this election.

At this point of time not only Bihar but the entire country is witnessing a topsy turvy situation with the odour of communalism spell all over. The beef politics has escalated to such a level that every eminent politician has spoken about it.

The Dadri or the Mainpuri incidents are deeply affecting the mind of Bihari Muslims. Both the incidents have definitely affected the psyche of a muslim voter. The community as a minority feels insecure of the government. The incidents in UP side by side are also paving way to communalism in the state which will go to polls in 2017.

Experts on one hand believe that BJP is trying to bring a communal colour to this election and has very successfully tilted the agenda also. Many believe that the elections could have been fought without using the Hindu- Muslim card. The silence of PM on this issue is again supporting the claim strongly.

On the other hand Nitish Kumar has been successful in averting any such issue in Bihar. Through the statements over #Beef parties are trying to show their support either for or against it. BJP has clearly stated that if voted to power it would take strict measures to stop cow slaughter, a move to gain Hindu vote base.

Many though believe that by inciting anti-muslim feelings through politics over Beef certain parties are trying to portray BJP as a staunch right wing party. The anti- BJP propaganda gets supported by the very BJP ideology of its being a right wing party and Modi has tried hard but  has not been successful yet in washing the 2002 riots stain.

The Battle for Bihar will continue and the parties will keep playing the blame game but the truth is the voter today is much aware of right or wrong. Such incidents should not deter anyone irrespective of caste or religion to make a right choice.

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