#Save Tuktuki: Now the issue goes global

The issue of abduction of a 14-year-old girl Tuktuki Mondal for human trafficking in West Bengal has gone global with protests worldwide now with Human rights groups staging rallies in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Washington DC, Atlanta yesterday for Tuktuki Mondal, the fourteen year old has become the global icon representing thousands of girls who have been kidnapped, raped and sold into sexual slavery in West Bengal.

Tuktuki Mondal, a resident of Magrahat block who was appearing for Class Xth exams was allegedly kidnapped by local goons and despite constant plea of her father with the local police and administration, her fate remains unknown.

Here’s a video of a hangout organized by a US-based social activist Satya where the girl’s father recounted the horrendous experiences he underwent to recover his daughter albeit unsuccessfully.

The whole incident revolves around the incident which had happened on February 25, 2015, when the girl went to a bank to check her balance. There three persons abducted her. According to girl’s father, these three goons allegedly had the protection of a local don by the name of Salim, who it is alleged is a notorious criminal in the area. Since then the father had been in a lookout for his daughter through all means and measures even tried out writing a letter to Mr. Modi and Miss Banerjee but alas of no use.

In such a scenario people have taken to Twitter expressing their thoughts and aggression over the issue. With some accusing the government and some the people, Miss Banerjee has really some tough questions to answer.

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