Disrespect to Ghulam Ali or Jagjit Singh?

Another nail in the coffin of democracy! The ties between India and Pakistan are getting stronger, in terms of hatred. Day by day this disgust is increasing; adding on to this is the latest demand for stopping all cultural ties. Ghulam Ali, a Pakistani ghazal singer was forced by Shiv Sena to cancel his event in Mumbai on October 9. The protest led by Shiv Sena resulted in the cancellation of the show by the noted singer and say no to all his music love to spread in India.

This is not the first time that any Pakistani person is asked to put their step back. The same case happened with Atif Aslam’s concert in Ahmedabad & Pune. Why most of the time singers and performers are barred from executing their talent.

Let me remind you that Ghulam Ali was the one of the maestro from Lahore who rendered thumri and chaiti at the music fest, held every year since 1923 as part of Hanuman Jayanti celebrations at Sankat Mochan temple in Varanasi. Why was that not considered for cancellation? If Mumbai can give shade to all the Pakistani underworlds then what is the harm in spreading the music love in the air.

All these activities are so shameful that what an image we are creating in front of the Goddess divine soul of music. This is what Ustad Ghulam Ali also had to say about it. He is not angry but hurt for in love, such controversies shouldn’t happen; they spoil people’s sur. calling music Allah, God, Bhagwan, he said that he has always received lot of love in India and that this concert was going to be “a tribute to Jagjit Singh,” who was like a brother to him. So, this incident has not only dishonourable to a Pakistani singer but was also disrespect to an Indian Ghazal legend, Jagjit Singh. Don’t bound art by boundaries of land- the only advice to Shiv Sena.

Do you know how much are you missed!

I came across this ad recently and frankly though I have come across similar ads in the past but the background score was something that clicked me and of course the overall tiny factors like the lights, the character, the expressions was something long lasting and left an impression. Your thoughts may vary but this lufthansa ad is worth a watch especially when you would be away from your near ones on Diwali.

Mystery of Most talked double Murder


The much talked about double murder mystery has seen numerous speculations since the mystery was hatched back in 2008. Yes, you have got me right it is about the high profile Arushi and Hemraj murder case. The case got a lot of media attention in 2008 and has been continuously tracked by media.

The media did a lot of investigative journalism, period, ‘’ journalism’’ in the case to bring out the most convenient and convincing outcomes. As a spectator then, I was convinced that the little girl was a prey to her parents aggression and I am sure  many like me had a similar opinion about the case, but the interview  of former joint director Arun Kumar in Times of India has left me in dilemma  over the process of investigation and judicial system in our country.


Arun Kumar,was the CBI officer who found glitches in the investigation. At a point when he could conclude the investigation he was removed from the case. This case has been handled by two different teams and both the teams have given different conclusions about the case. Finally after much of theories the parents were convicted in 2013 as accused and have been sentenced to life imprisonment. Though the order has been challenged in Allahbad High Court.

However the CBI prosecutor who had been investigating the case since day one  has refuted the claims of Arun Kumar and has said that the parents are the accused in the case.

The Arushi murder case has again come to the spotlight after Vishal Bharadwaj and Meghna Gulzar’s docudrama ‘’Talvar” has put a question mark to it. The movie  which hit the screens last week  has received a good response from the critiques as well as from the viewers at large.

Talvar’s  release has  reignited the case. It is interesting to note that the investigators and the media is busy finding the truth even after the pronouncement of judgement in the case. As per the law it is the blind lady is unbiased and it is the law which rules out the justice but here it seems to be a little different.

After so much of debate and uncertainty in the case the judiciary might reopen the case to look into all the facts.

Whatever the judgement maybe, we need to look into the loopholes in the functioning of every pillar of the constitution be it media, judiciary, legislative and executive. None of them should be vested with extra constitutional powers.

The very question intrigues me that is it the power of Cinema which has shaken the entire investigation or a failure of our judicial system. Like all the other questions this might also remain unanswered.

‘Nayantara’s Necklace’ shares striking similarities with Apte’s ‘Madly’

How good it feels when you get two good trailers back to back. Yesterday it was Radhika Apte’s Madly and today we’ve Nayantara’s Necklace. Both of these share some striking similarities like being contemporary, bold, fresh and so on.

Nayantara’s Necklace has Konkana Sen & Tilotama Shome as its lead. Konkana needs no introduction whereas Tilotama is known for the film like Children of war and monsoon wedding. She as well is an award winning actress.

Remember the lead male actor, Gulshan Devaiya from the recent adult comedy Hunterrr. He seems to be the male lead in the film. And this trio seems to represent the current FB, Twitter and extra marital relation generation. Watch it and get ready for another trendsetter.

Here is the link Watch the trailer of Nayantara’s Necklace, starring Konkana Sen & Tilotama Shome

18+ alert- Radhika Apt’s starrer ‘Madly’ trailer is out

Have you forgotten the leaked clip of Radhika Apte in which she was seen nude. The clip was related to an upcoming film of Anurag Kahyap. News for you is that the trailer of that Film is out. Film is named ‘Madly’ and yes, it’s not there on the YouTube.

It’s been uploaded on a website and here is the link ‘http://www.madlyfilm.com/about‘. The film has been directed by 6 renowned directors from around the globe. And everyone has tried to portray the contemporary love of their country with the help of different form of relationships.

It can be another trend setter for India, if not banned. BTW this one is a short movie and the duration will be just 15 minutes.

Take a tour to spoof parody

To be frank, this generation believes in experimenting things in their style. Especially when it comes Bollywood songs, the so called strugglers and those who dreamt of being in the limelight but could not make it…go for such experiments. They take a second chance to land in the glamorous world by trying their luck by making spoof and parodies. Not only for strugglers but for many it has been as a trend to make spoof. No doubt spoof gets more likes than the real videos. In short a spoof or a parody means “Kisi Bhi Gaane ki le lena”. This is what our new and most viral video making website has come up with. Shuddh Desi Gaane presented ‘Main Hoon Hero Tera’ parody that showcases the virgin Godfather of Bollywood who creatively like any love guru, distributes Gyaan to the fellow star kids for a fabulous Bollywood career.  Have a look at this latest video.

This is not the first time. All of us are aware AIB (all Indian backchod) and its creativity, which most of the time is for sure out of the box. They have been one of the most talked about YouTube channel in terms of viral content. There one of the most watched video has been the interview with Alia Bhatt. In that she’d been quizzed about General Knowledge. It was something which anyone has never touched, though Alia became more popular after that and same was her story about talent. The most known fact about this video is its views 11,104,549. Isn’t it amazing!?

AIB’s next most viewed video was about the parody on Every Bollywood Party Song feat by Irrfan Khan, which had almost 5,908,299 views. For your information just click on it and see.

If I knew how many zeros are there in lakhs and crores, I would have also set new benchmarks.

I don’t need to recall you about AIB roast video, which took the viral series to a next level. Although many questions were raised on it which later forced them to remove the video. By this I want to prove the impact of viral videos on our life. People went crazy for that video, all media channels talked about its pros and cons. Thus, viral videos have entered the next league and is contributing more smiles to the society.

Companies who inspire Google’s logo

Today morning the first thing that came to your notice, apart from your wife bringing tea for you, boyfriend’s messages in your phone, was the revamped and more creative logo of Google. Since 17 years, it had followed the tradition of putting same colours with changes either in its typography or putting shadow effects making the text bold or light. But this time Google has introduced a new logo and brought more reality to it through its video effect showing how it works. Google magic is working for us since years and this time it has updated from single desktop browser page to the world of seamless computing across an endless number of devices.

Apart from the only logo the other thing that got a life was the colourful Google mic, which helps to identify and interact with Google whether you’re talking, tapping or typing. Meanwhile, when we bid adieu to the little blue “g” icon with a four-color “G”, there were companies who got inspired and changed their logo too.

Heineken, a Dutch brewing company winked at new Google logo with smiling E.  They tweeted with new logo played on same colours as that by Google.

Other being an International company Luscombe Lettings, known for dealing with properties has also tried their best to play with their logo.

Earlier on the list were Motorola which itself is owned by Google, in 2013 got inspired by our Google baba and experimented with symbol M enclosed within rainbow colours.

With this, we can conclude that under the guidance of CEO Sundar Pichai, the company has entered the world of being the most creative. We can hope to witness more lively and innovative experiments on our way. This is one such beginning, better is yet to come!

Kohli achieved what others couldn’t!

Just concluded Ind-Sri Lanka test series, will always be remembered as Sangakkara’s swansong. But for newly crowned Indian captain Virat Kohli, it will always be his first taste of success. Not many would have bet for Kohli’s team to achieve this feat which even Dhoni’s dream team was not able to. In fact, it was due from 1993 when India won a test series last time in Sri Lanka. It was a tricky series as both Sri Lankan and Indian test team was under transition. Kohli’s team passed with flying colours.

Undoubtedly, Indians were dominant throughout the series. If not for that one session in the first test where Chandimal went berserk, we would have clean swept the series (India won 2-1). But let’s talk about positives first. The first thing which was pleasing to see was all the players contributing at some point of the series. Even Stuart Binny (pun intended) contributed by his stroke-filled 49 in the last innings of the last test and chipped in with a couple of crucial wickets. Kohli rightly stated, “This series belongs to bowlers”. Special mention should be given to Ashwin. He has never bowled with so much consistency throughout the series. And yes he was bowling off breaks this time! He looked so still when releasing the balls and he was quite slower in the air. This is Ashwin reinventing himself as a test bowler. And he was ably supported by Ishant and company. Ishant has been in the Indian side for nearly a decade and still he shows this kind of consistency once in a while. From troubling Ponting in his famous 2007 spell to winning a test at Lords, his noteworthy contributions come very far in between. This can’t be acceptable for a guy who wants to spearhead the Indian bowling unit. Umesh Yadav and Amit Mishra also did their job convincingly.  And I would see this as Harbhajan’s last series as he would not be playing in Indian test side again.

Moving on to batting department which is really very vulnerable. My generation has never seen Indian batting department constantly being changed. We are quite used to Dravid, Tendulkar and Laxman coming out to bat one after another with support from Sehwag, Ganguly, Gambhir, and Dhoni. Gone are those days and we have to stop being nostalgic. Coming back to present, I would say we don’t have many quality test batsman to choose from. But the current Indian test team will have Murali Vijay, Pujara, Rahane and Kohli as regulars in all conditions. I won’t compromise on these players even if they have failed in some matches. These four should be the core of Indian test batting team for near future. Other places should be fought by KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma, Dhawan and others. This series have not been dominated by any single batsman. And all have played useful knocks once in a while. Pujara once again proved that he is the class act and cannot be side-lined. His only complete failure has been Australia series and other than that I have not seen him returning from a tour without any contribution. His test average is still more than 50 and better than the rest of the wolf pack. And as far as wicketkeeper is concerned I would go for W Saha (we miss u Dhoni). However, Naman Ojha has shown some promise but he could have done much better. I would say N Ojha missed a great opportunity to cement his place.

Enough of laurels now. We have to accept that this was one of the weakest Sri Lankan team which were also beaten by Pakistan few months back with the same margin.  We were on top for the most part of the first match, but we didn’t finish it. A numerous number of times in the last decade I have seen India losing a test match for not removing the tail ender of the opposition. We lack killer instincts of the Australian. People say that it’s in our genes. But I firmly believe that Kohli is here to change this notion. And I would give credit to Kohli for his proactive captaincy in this series. He was never complacent and always tried to get things done rather than waiting for things to happen.

As my favourite captain, Ganguly always stresses that a team’s legacy is determined by how they perform outside of the subcontinent in test matches. I firmly believe this and will have my fingers crossed. What gives me hope is Kohli’s mind-set which is evident in his recent statement “I am ready to loose trying to win”.

Cancel bail of attackers, provide security to Chanchal and her family

They threw acid on her face and left her scarred for life. Now, they’re out on bail and threatening her life. They told her that the acid attack would be nothing compared to what they would do next! But, Chanchal the brave acid attack survivor refuses to give up and we need to support her. I have started this petition asking the IG, Weaker Section, Patna to cancel the bail of Chanchal’s attackers and provide security to Chanchal and her family. Sign my petition.

Chanchal was barely 19-years-old when 4 men attacked her and her 15-year-old sister. They threw acid on her for daring to resist their sexual harassment. Since then Chanchal has been fighting a long battle for justice and proper rehabilitation. Chanchal deserves the right to fight her case without having to worry about her life. For that her attackers must be put behind bars. Sign my petition and tell the IG to cancel the bail of Chanchal’s attackers. No survivor should have to go through the trauma that Chanchal is being put through.

2 years ago, Chanchal’s father had started a petition to fast track Chanchal’s case. With the support of over 71,000 people the case was fast tracked. If enough people support us today, we can make sure that Chanchal’s attackers are put behind bars and that Chanchal can continue her fight for justice. Chanchal dream was to study and become a computer engineer, today she has set aside that dream to fight for the rights of acid attack survivors. She has filed a PIL in the SC asking for a law to provide proper justice and rehabilitation to all acid attack survivors.

Signin from here and suport her.


Eve teasing, the latest trend of public stunt

“Before you judge make sure you are perfect,” this quote goes so true with the recent controversy of Jasleen Kaur, Traffic controller, later on said to be a political volunteer who accused a boy in eve teasing case in Delhi last week.

This incident took many turns just like those usually acquired by Mr. Kejriwal, also the proofs about her being an AAP volunteer are wishy-washy. But what Sunny (name changed, accused) claimed that she is playing tantrums just to publicise herself and take more points on her being a ‘Woman’.

Our country is aware of the status women have earned irrespective of cases hurting their sentiments by the male dominant society. Mostly boys are the target group because of their inbuilt talent of egoism, but sometime they may not be the only suspect. We are not confirming that Sunny has not done any mistake, or the entire fault is that of Jasleen, but what is revealed by witness and portrayed by media tells a different story.

Indian Express has exposed a video of his correspondent sharing the real story of the incident with the byte from the accused and the eye-witness who is firm on his statement that it was just a discussion not an eve teasing case. If you have missed the video have a look!

Another video which is trending by the name of #Shameontimesnow The way ethics of Journalism is going, has to be taken care of. Journalism means to find the truth based on balence not to allege someone. In this video, the reporter is telling the boy that “Badtameezi aapne ki hai” (you have been the one who has done inappropriate thing). She has given least chances to the boy to reply.

Thus, the case has many legs yet with no conclusion. So, finally we can go back to the first line of our article which reminds about judging the person before being judgemental on any issue.