5 Reasons Why Bihar Elections is extremely’ Important for BJP

With Bihar Elections approaching fast, every party is eyeing to secure a decent victory in this do or die test. The BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) has a tough competition from the lethal combination of its opponents. RJD (Rashtriya Janata Dal), JDU (Janata Dal United) and Congress will force BJP to put in every effort to secure the majestic Modi wave effect in the state which is the hotbed for politics.

  1. It is said that it was Party president, Amit Shah’s strategy which lead BJP to a victory in the Lok Sabha elections 2014 but the same strategist had to taste defeat in the Delhi Assembly Polls. The reason behind was the strong opposition in Delhi, so is the case in Bihar.With RJD, JDU and Congress together, Amit Shah will have to put an extra ordinary effort for the elections in the state. The anti-incumbency factor against Congress worked favourably in 2014 but the case is very different in 2015 state elections.
  1. The rocky start of the Monsoon Session will not prove much productive for the government. The entire session is expected to have hullabaloo over the Vyapam Scam and Lalit Gate controversy. In such a scene it is impossible for government to pass key legislations like GST Bill and Land Acquisition Bill due to lack of majority in Rajya Sabha. If BJP secures good numbers in Bihar the road will automatically be easy in the upper house of the parliament also. In the view of 2019 general elections, Bihar is very important for the BJP.
  2. BJP is currently dominating the half Hindi belt- Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Jharkhand. Victory in Bihar would add a feather to the cap. It would also give BJP an edge in the UP elections in 2017 which is again a significant factor in deciding the power at the centre.
  1. According to sources, the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) is not happy with the working of Modi Sarkar and many letters have been shot off to the RSS head Mohan Bhagwat in Nagpur. Modi wave might get dull in Bihar due to the lack of visible work done by the government in past 14 months.
  1. There is a wave of unhappiness within the BJP over Shah’s working. Many BJP workers are not happy with him. Many even term him as an autocrat who has full support of Narendra Modi. According to sources, many BJP MPs and workers find him unreachable. If BJP looses Bihar polls, Shah might not be able to renew his president ship which is due in January 2016.

It is very clear that BJP will not let go Bihar easily. Post Delhi, Shah and BJP will find out some way to maintain the momentum of victory. It has already launched 160 GPS enabled chariots to carry the message of change to the voters. Prime Minister is all set to launch the campaign “Booth Jeetenge toh Chunaav Jeetenge” on July 25. It will focus on campaigning at the block and Panchayat level.

Though BJP won 13 out of 24 seats in the legislative council elections in Bihar, the atmosphere is very different for the state assembly elections and BJP will have to pull up the socks. Earlier BJP was in Bihar with the NDA alliance which has JDU in it but now with the alliance broken, it would be interesting to see the battle unfold.

What a Policegiri?

The word ‘Dabangg’ portrays the real meaning of Police in our society. They are not like Salman Khan who played the character of soft-hearted Chulbul Pandey in the movie, but a person with no emotions at all. I want to take you off to a fact which we all are aware of but fear to bring it on platform.

Policemen have the power to save people from corruption, but not to put their hands into corruption. Here I would like to quote a personal experience of a florist who has faced some same situations. “Policemen come and take plants and go away without paying their amounts”, said Alam, RenaazGarden, Sikanderpur. “This time one came and took away products of cost Rs 2000 and refused to pay a single pie,” he further added with annoyance. He was frustrated by the reaction and attitude performed by these Policemen but he can’t take any action against these authoritarians.

This is one such example but we have seen many times that these policemen travel in auto rickshaws or anything without giving fare. As if they have hired all transport system. We know they get travel allowance but why don’t they use it. By not using them they are putting these innocent employers life in danger.

Somebody has said, “koi bhi kaam chota ya bada nahi hota”, yes we have heard it most of the time in bollywood movies. But here, these people who drive autos, who are florist etc all those who are below poverty line are doing their best to lead a proper but not a sufficient life. Instead of taking away their money for which they are living, these policemen should try to help them by offering with some.

No doubt there are some exceptions and I’ve utter respect for them.