KRK’s Box office

How many of us remember Kamaal Rashid Khan (KRK) from Bigg Boss 3 who got huge attention from his poem “Jackwa and Jillwa”, (his version of Jack and Jill). After that show his friends following numbers grew immediately. Now again he is making noise with his KRK Box Office reviews. He is self-proclaimed film critic and rate his review on the number of person watched it. No doubt he is the most creative reviewer but social network has given its hand too to make him famous in any part of world.

He is such a person who got his name by his notorious acts like telling the reason of Vidya Balan’s being famous in the movie Dirty Picture. People like him for his non sense one liner which he uses in his every tweet like 2 Rs people. Other than that he is again in news with his tweets on Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal’s love for watching movies. Twitter is flooded with the messages on #Kejrimovies, where everyone is giving their opinion. But KRK is busy playing with emotions of CM. I think he must be afraid that may be Kejriwal will take his role of film critic.

Don’t forget to see the number of re tweets and number of people who have added his comment as favourites.

A journalist’s pen is one that makes and breaks a person, in the same way Social media is such platform which brings a person in limelight or dumps them. KRK is one such who has got almost 1.04 million followers and only 11 following on twitter whereas that of Rajeev Masand, real film critic has 688 followers only. Rest depends on you whom you want to choose and why?

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