Is China the next North Korea?!

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China has been known to keep its people under grip by stringent laws. The new one to add to China’s complete dictator rule is banning passports for Tibetans and other religious minorities.

Tibet has always been a burning point and one of the unanswered questions in China’s diplomacy. China which is under the communist rule has been known to suppress its people and especially the minorities and people from the Tibetan Autonomous Region.

The Human Rights Watch accuses Chins of discrimination

The Human Rights Watch has accused Chinese authorities of using discriminatory practice in issuing passports to the residents of areas populated by religious minorities such as Muslim minorities and Tibetans.

It has also accused the Chinese authorities of using dubious system of issuing passports for the majority and minorities. The authorities have created a two-tier system for the ones populated by ethnic Han majority and other for country’s Tibetan and Muslim minority.

Discrimination is evident

According to the rules in China, an applicant gets notified, if the passport is not issued within 15 days. But the case is different in Tibet and Xinjiang, the areas which has 10 million Uighurs as its inhabitants. Uighur is a Turkic speaking Muslim minority.

The officials still use a method of issuing passports which is older and requires more documents for this particular region. The Changdu area of Tibet has a population of 6,50,000 but only two passports were issued in 2012. There are excessive restrictions for the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) and until and unless the residents are on official business they cannot travel. It means a near-total ban on travel for the residents of these areas.

The TAR has been controlled by fierce restrictions on passports since 2012 when the passports held by residents of the area were seized by Chinese government after it announced a shift to a new ‘E-Passport’ system.

The Uighurs problem

Hundreds of Uighurs was detained last year for illegally entering Thailand. They fled the religious persecution in China as said the rights group. The Uighurs claimed to be Turkish citizens, and 181 have been allowed to go to Turkey, with more than 100 others sent back to China.

The law has always been very strict in China with a very little breathing space left for its citizens. The amount of restrictions levelled by the government over its citizen shows it to be one of the unhealthiest societies where people live under scanner 24/7.

Is China the next North Korea?!

The Chinese authorities allegedly defend themselves by saying that the restrictions on travel are to prevent the Muslim minorities from joining extremists in Middle East, but the authorities fail to acknowledge the fact that excess of suppression will lead to an uprising which would be energetic enough to shaken the roots of government. It should also realise that no country can be happy until its citizens have full right to freedom.

History is the witness that people have raised for their freedom after years of rule of dictatorship or suppression by the government. The only fear is that there should be a revolution in China as soon as possible otherwise its society is heading towards next North Korea.

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