India lodges complaint over Australian ad endorsing lamb

Once again the issue over lamb has caught eyebrows towards it. This time it is for an Australian ad campaign that has attracted widespread criticism from India.

The advertisement shows a dining scene in which a number of religious figures — including Lord Ganesha, Jesus, Buddha and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, Prophet Muhammad– are seen sitting down together to a lamb-based meal, raising a toast to the meat and conversing.

The discussion takes a stand that lamb is something that can be enjoyed by all, regardless of “beliefs, background or persuasion.” And there it took the offensive turn that hurts the religious sentiments of the Indian community.

Prompting officials have also lodged a diplomatic protest with the Australian government. India has lodged an official complaint about this Australian advertisement that has featured Hindu god Ganesha and other religious icons endorsing lamb. The ad has met with anger in Australia’s Indian community. A direct appeal to Meat and Livestock Australia to withdraw the commercial has also been made.

Advertisements often raise criticisms, so it is believed that whenever you are planning for the one be careful with the religious icons. It is better to avoid them idols and God’s faces to remain critics-free.