Hit and Save !

[box]By Samridhi Dikshit[/box]


What image we have about Public sector employees? Either he is goofing up with truth or he is in collaboration with the criminals. But there are few who are treated as ‘The Hero’ of an event who took all browsing eyes towards them. The same is the story behind this picture, where Deputy Superintendent of Police Gurmit Singh Kingra from Punjab Police jumped into a river to save the life of a woman.

Yes, this incident within seconds made him Hero and appreciated his instant step, where he without thinking about his life jumped into the well. No doubt, these militants are meant for saving life of others. We have been witness to ‘Behind the scene stories’ and likewise this incident is also the outcome of one. There was a protest march by guest teachers along with two hundred strong crowd, against the Akali government’s transfer policy, among other things. The police used force to break up the protest, which had seen the participation of a large number of women. Police charged into them using their lathis and dragged them forcibly into the vehicles and some being forced to jump into the canal.

This lathi charge event is not new where they did injustice to the crowd. Remember 16th December protest. The other side of Police “The saviour” was seen when they acted so rudely and cruelly to the genuine protesters. So, finally whatever the incident may be, the only thing our Police did here was like this phrase “First insult them and then praise”!

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