Happy birthday ‘Kishore Da’ #KishoreKumar

Start your day humming musical treasures of ‘Kishore Da’ and wish his soul happy 88th birth anniversary.

August 4, 1929, was the day when Kishore Kumar was born as Abhas Kumar Ganguly till the time he changed it to the name that we recognize. Not to your surprise, he has eight Filmfare awards to his credit – the highest till date.

The legendary Bollywood singer-actor Kishore Kumar was the one melodious voice that made human emotion connects with the musical moments. Emotions raised as his voice went deep into our hearts. People have grown listening to his music, not only that his acting, his lyrics. Yes, lyrics were such a thing then, that people had memories attached with.

Kishore Kumar, one of the most versatile singers, has immortalized numerous film songs that have created its own space in the heart of Indians.

He may not be physically present here but we have an emotional connection to his soul that will last forever. A very Happy Birth Anniversary Kishore Da.

Here are few tributes that people are sharing on his birth anniversary, in their own way.

You truly deserve #KishoreKumar

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