“Fortis Healthcare” – This is indeed very shameful

Recently I have been coming across so many incidents against this hospital and to my shock beingsuch a famous brand when it comes to health care it doesn’t even react to the allegations. May be it still hasn’t realized the power of social media yet.Recently a car driver Sandeep in Delhi lost his 17 day old child on the night of 22nd Aug, 2015. The infant was in Fortis Hospital Vasant Kunj hospital for barely 10 minutes before he breathed his last. The hospital ran up a bill of Rs 20,000 and refused to release the body unless the amount was paid in full.  

The poor man when called up his owner for intervention the man could finally go with his son’s dead body only the next morning, having spent 18,000, which was paid during admission. When the owner himself intervened he was met with more aggression. He then took out his phone and began recording, all the while, continuing to ask them about the rules under which they can detain a body with them like that. At this, the staff members snatched away his phone, demanding that he should delete the video if he wants it back. For the record, Fortis is still holding on to his phone. All this transpired at the hospital’s reception, in the clear view of CCTV cameras.

A slight look at this forum http://www.consumercomplaints.in/fortis-healthcare-b100262 would actually list out how the system of Fortis Healthcare actually works. And this just one of the many websites which have similar content and complaints. Forget about their website just check out their Facebook page wherein people have posted their experience. Its more saddening that police complaints are also not taken care of. Doctors are considered as gods in our country but as the series of events unfolds it shows quite a opposite picture. Isn’t it?

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