Eve teasing, the latest trend of public stunt

“Before you judge make sure you are perfect,” this quote goes so true with the recent controversy of Jasleen Kaur, Traffic controller, later on said to be a political volunteer who accused a boy in eve teasing case in Delhi last week.

This incident took many turns just like those usually acquired by Mr. Kejriwal, also the proofs about her being an AAP volunteer are wishy-washy. But what Sunny (name changed, accused) claimed that she is playing tantrums just to publicise herself and take more points on her being a ‘Woman’.

Our country is aware of the status women have earned irrespective of cases hurting their sentiments by the male dominant society. Mostly boys are the target group because of their inbuilt talent of egoism, but sometime they may not be the only suspect. We are not confirming that Sunny has not done any mistake, or the entire fault is that of Jasleen, but what is revealed by witness and portrayed by media tells a different story.

Indian Express has exposed a video of his correspondent sharing the real story of the incident with the byte from the accused and the eye-witness who is firm on his statement that it was just a discussion not an eve teasing case. If you have missed the video have a look!

Another video which is trending by the name of #Shameontimesnow The way ethics of Journalism is going, has to be taken care of. Journalism means to find the truth based on balence not to allege someone. In this video, the reporter is telling the boy that “Badtameezi aapne ki hai” (you have been the one who has done inappropriate thing). She has given least chances to the boy to reply.

Thus, the case has many legs yet with no conclusion. So, finally we can go back to the first line of our article which reminds about judging the person before being judgemental on any issue.

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