Does Odisha have so much of surplus milk to offer?

[box]By Anwesha Brahma[/box]


The quantity of milk received at Omfed Plant in Odisha has gone up and the surplus milk needs to be despatched to other states. So, Amul has agreed to receive Omfed Milk at its plant in Kolkata. Omfed will soon sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Amul for scaling up its operations and standardisation of its products.

With the increasing amount of noise regarding the impurity of milk and of course after the news of expired milk packets being sold by Amul this kind of tie-up just raises one question whom to blame when such instances occur again.

And the next thing is why not a tie-up with a dairy farm from the state like Gowardhan or Shree Durga or may be people who are striving up for setting up a Milk plant in the state. On a rating on poverty scale Odisha stood at number 23 out of the 28 states. A thing I am sure not to be proud of. So isn’t it the responsibility of Mr. Naveen Pattanaik to uplift the state by scaling up the operations in the state itself. At list we can start it in Odisha and even after that if the production increases then one can think of signing it with the plants of other states.

Being from the same state itself I know what kind of value people have attached with Omfed. And if such a brand would have associated it with an Odiya plant then no doubt that would in a way helped in boosting the economic al growth of the state and also would have also helped in building a brand perception about other milk plants in the state.

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