Critical review of Being Indian video

It’s a typical mindset that when you hear ‘I am from Bihar’ you get replies like Haan I knew, aapke bolne ke style se lag rha tha that you are from Bihar. Or the other very patent answer is ohho Lalu ke sheher se ho? In the current scenario, you might have also got answers that, who will win in this Bihar election?

This is not what Bihar is all about. It is far more than IAS, Lalu Prasad, Litti Chokha, HUM, etc. Guys grow up! This is what a video uploaded on Being Indian depicts to its lovely Biharis.  Here, in my opinion I don’t think the video is doing justice to Biharis. Every state is typical in its own way like Punjabis, Bengalies, South Indians then why jokes are found more on Biharis. After some time, the video has exaggerated on the conditions of Bihar.

I don’t think they played well with the comic part, they tried a lot to be funny, but they weren’t much. The issues that they have raised for Bihar are not the only copyright of Bihar, the same issues are found in UP, MP, in fact, India as large. Don’t you think corruption, kidnapping, murder are evils that have copyright of India on them? Maybe the video tickles a bit but do not need a huge clap. I appreciate the theme and working of the actors, but had it been funnier without touching the emotions of Bihar, it would have succeeded in the race of viral videos. If you don’t agree with me have a look at it once keeping my points in mind.



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