India Bangladesh on field from Tomorrow


If any Journalism paper has questions like why Bangladesh is in news, what will you write? Obviously the first thing will be PM Modi’s visit to Bangladesh but let’s get aware if you are not that from tomorrow we have India vs. Bangladesh test series. So, take leave from offices, make excuses to your bosses, bunk from classes and sit back in front of television as a Lazy Lad.

Before the match starts, it has witnessed lots of tremble. Let’s have a look on them. Firstly, Bangladesh cricket team manager, Khaled Mahmud resigned ahead of the test series. After a daylong drama and talks with the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) authorities, he decided to carry on for this series. Second, opener KL Rahul suddenly was confirmed with dengue and will overlook India’s lone Test in Bangladesh. God knows which Anopheles mosquito has taken revenge from him.

Under these shakes something that gave relief to cricket lovers was the ‘son of sardar’ off-spinner Harbhajan Singh who returned to the squad after playing his last international match in March 2013. All these were the updates of the upcoming match but news which relieved history to India’s glory was Rahul Dravid to coach the India Under-19 and ‘A’ teams. The trio of Sachin, Ganguly and Laxman to will be seen drawing up a roadmap for the national Indian cricket team.

This is eighth Test match between Indian and Bangladesh out of which India have won six Tests and one turning out to be a draw. Let’s keep our fingers crossed to maintain the winning cup against them. So, get ready for the superstitions like- hil mat warna out ho jayega.

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Why can’t any other country be like Australia?


It’s not a joke to win the cricket world cup for five times that to when it’s happened for just 11 times. It was the team that made to the first world cup final and since then has rarely disappointed its supporters. Not to the surprise, from Olympics to football, the team nowhere has been an underdog. So the question is that how does Australia manage so well in every game?

The answer lies somewhere in the country’s nationalism. One can see it through the prism of cold war, when major nations involved in the cold war made everything from sports to space an issue of prestige. But as the time passed priorities changed and sports in many countries became a thing of less importance than things like science and technology, literature and war etc.

One thing has made permanent space in the Australian blood and that’s sports. Do you remember Michael Phelps’ arrest? He was arrested for drink and drive and it made the headlines worldwide. Now, look at Saina Nehwal. She got the hold of number one in the world badminton ranking and how did media react to it or to say did she get the same coverage as the Indian cricket team got for the world cup. Sania has to struggle for getting a little amount of space. In other words sports apart from cricket are of less importance for our country.

We cannot and should not blame cricket for the bad of other games and Hockey in particular but an Indian kid lives with cricket and dies with it. And this may be one of the reasons that Australia is far better a team than India when it comes to hockey. The reason behind may be that the Kangaroos celebrate Hockey equally and swimming too is not at all discriminated.

We’ve a so called nationalist government at the center, the writer uses so called because it is still to be known that how this government does defines nationalism. Here’s a question, when the Indian cricket team was leaving for the cricket world cup, PM Modi had individually tweeted for every cricket play. OK, now can the government explain that what particular steps have been taken for the so called national game hockey?

That is where Australia has a distinction in comparison with India or any other country. They don’t discriminate in particular against any game, be it be cricket, hockey or football and that’s why they are excellent at everything. On the one hand world powers like US, Russia and China have not even raised to the standards of Bangladesh, when it comes to cricket, on the other hand developing nations like India and China could never raise their standards in the world football.

If things are allowed to be generalized, it can be said that sports and nationalism are synonyms in Australia, which is not exactly the case in any other country and unless it becomes so, one can’t match Australian sporting standards.

A supporter in need is a supporter indeed- when the Indian supporters failed its team


Indian cricket team supporters are not an all weather friend. As they are the part of this society, they don’t have any option to behave the otherwise. They would take the credit for your victory but won’t own your defeat.[gap height=”20″]

Examples- 1

Remember the neighboring aunty who can’t appreciate anyone but the one who scored maximum in the class. Similarly less than a century or a five wickets or a victory is an equal crime. The crowd and won’t let you live, if you don’t live up to its expectation.

Example- 2

As we’ve grown up watching Bollywood movies and we can substantiate any real life situation with a movie example. So here is the one- when a man in a movie dies exactly at the point of his marriage, the death is attributed to the bride. The so religious logic is her hard luck caused the death.

The new Indian Bahu at the receiving end, Anushka-

Post reading the second example, you need not to be told that we’re talking about outrage against Anushka and Virat. Yes, there has been applied the similar logic that if the man (Virat) failed, it was because the lady (Anushka) was present there in the ground, irrespective of the marriage thing; her presence makes it a bad omen.

But the facts screw the omen-


India played the first world cup match against Pakistan (in which Virat scored a century 107 and India won) and after this match he could not score a single half century in the entire world cup match, be it with or without Anushka.

Fact- 2

Though his worst was against Australia that’s 1 run but against the teams like Afghanistan and Bangladesh he scored 5 and 3 respectively. Again there was no Anushka.

What about this fact ‘Society Aunty?’ BTW, What if when the India team wins and attributes it to the girlfriends of those fans who criticized Virat’s girlfriend? I mean if it is possible that he performed bad because of his girlfriend, may be that he can perform good because of their girlfriend who cooked up this logic but again the writer too seems to be possessed but the Society Aunty because she/he too brought a girl at the receiving end!

Miracle- South Africa lost but this player from South Africa made it to the finals

unknownSon of a South African plastic surgeon, Grant Elliott was born on 21 March 1979 in Johannesburg and now plays for New Zealand. He is an all-rounder. He debuted with 67 at Gauteng in 1996–97, where on the advice of his captain, former New Zealand test skipper Ken Rutherford, who saw the quota system possibly blocking his path to higher honours, Elliott left his native Johannesburg for New Zealand in 2001.

He played one match for South Africa ‘A’ against India ‘A’ before he qualified to play for New Zealand in 2007. Called up to the national team in early 2008 during England‘s tour, he made his Test debut against England in the third test in Napier replacing Jacob Oram. Elliott has gone on to also make his ODI debut for New Zealand against England taking 3 wickets. In his second game he scored his maiden ODI 50. His maiden ODI century was in the 3rd game of the Chappell-Hadlee series scoring 115 against Australia at the SCG on Sunday 8 February 2009.[gap height=”10″]
Despite not playing ODIs since 2013, he was a surprise inclusion for the final 15-man squad for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. He scored a match winning innings of 84 not out against South Africa in the recently played semi-final, thus helping New Zealand qualify for their maiden Cricket World Cup final and kicking out his own country out of it. South Africa could not make it to the finals but a South African did, all thanks to the quota system.

The brutal quarterfinals that got four biggies sacrificed!

pic 1

Events are full of happening things plus stress. The ounce of stress lies obviously on the side that meets defeat. Both Sri Lanka and Pakistan were the part of the side that lost and South Africa and Australia made to the Semi Finals on the cost of the four biggies of the world cricket.

 South Africa vs Sri Lanka

Sangakkara- the best batsman of World Cup 2015

pic 2

The duo of Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene left the one day cricket after their team’s defeat. Sangakkara’s departure came at the time when he’s been at his best. What else do require for being called the best batsman other than the maximum runs on the board with maximum centuries back to back plus maximum boundaries. Nobody retires at such a peak point of his career. But this what the world cup does to an individual sportsman.

Mahela Jayawardene- One of the best the world cricket had

pic 3

Mahela Jayawardene was not at all on the par with Sangakkara in his performance during this cricket world cup, but 19 tons in the ODI and 34 in the test cricket and one in the 20-20 tell it all. His career has been of around 17 years and you know that what it takes to sustain for seventeen long years.

Australia vs Pakistan- the other quarter final

This match has got both Afridi’s and Misbha’s career ended. The results of this match could altogether have been different, if those two catches had not been dropped by the Pakistani team.

Afridi- The sexier king

pic 4

Afridi, with 351 sixes has made such a record that nobody is even distantly close to it. The man on the second number is S Jayasuriya with 270 six. While reading this record, you can imagine that there isn’t any cricketer that can fill the void created by Boom-Boom Afridi,BTW, his full name is Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi and we’re not at all kidding.

Misbah- the man with bad luck

pic 5

Last but not the least; Pakistani skipper Misbah Ul Haq met his departure from one day cricket after the quarter finals against Australia. He’s, we think, one of those cricket captain without a single century in the one day cricket and he doesn’t even have any good bowling figure. The 14 year old cricketing career of Misbah has been a mix. During the 2007, 20-20 world cup, if he would have hit that ball of Joginder Sharma right, he would have become a world cup winning captain for Pakistan but the other captain playing against him was Mahendra Singh Dhoni and you know the thing with Dhoni, he’s the best!

Gayle- the next causality

pic 6

Chris Gayle can be the next casualty. He’s not the part of the West Indian team visiting England in the upcoming days. He’s been sidelined in the name of injury and those who know cricket know that injuries are inflicted when a player is to be forced into retirement.

We’ve three more matches to go. Team India can or cannot be the part of both the matches. It remains to be seen that if our side becomes the part of the losing side, who all will be sacrificed?!

Aus vs. Pak- This is how our neighbors reacted to Pakistan’s defeat

21PakistanFans_Fotor_CollagePakistani cricket players have often praised India’s support to their cricket team and have regretted that their own country does not provide a similar support system. With Shoaib Akhtar’s popular statements to the team’s coach in “Comedy nights with Kapil”, the question is that will Pakistani team be able to perform with better support as this world cup performance was truly horrendous and this is how our neighboring country reacted to it.

The highlights

A below-par display with the bat in Adelaide, Pakistan was bowled out for just a total of 213 and co-host Australia chased the target down with relative ease to win by six wickets, despite a fierce spell from fast bowler Wahab Riaz.

Reaction of the Pakistani fans

Angry Pakistan cricket fans smashed TVs and staged a mock funeral for their team.

In Multan

In the central Pakistani city of Multan around 50 fans organized a symbolic funeral procession through the streets, complete with a coffin with bats on top.

Again in Multan

Multan’s residents staged a similar event after Pakistan’s humiliating 150-run defeat to the West Indies earlier in the tournament.

In Islamabad

Downcast fans in Islamabad slammed the side’s poor fielding, after two chances went down at crucial stages in the Australian innings.

Positive factor

The only positive factor was the hashtag #ThankYouMisbah which was trending on Twitter in Pakistan during the hours after the match as fans hailed the 40-year-old captain, whose steadying influence has pulled the side out of trouble more than once in recent years.

Though we are proud of India’s performance but at the same time we do miss the intense situations between both the teams when both of them use to perform equally well.

Bangladesh ki Ghar Wapsi

pic 0

  1. India continues with the 10 wicket haul in this tournament. This match brought 70 wickets for India in 7 matches. We’ve two more to go in this world cup.


  1. Rohit Sharma’s ton came in a most required situation. At one point of time Bangladesh had got us, but all thanks to Rohit and Raina that we went past 300 runs.


  1. The greatest thing for India in this world cup is that Mohammad Shami has become the number one wicket taker. The way Indian bowlers performed before this tournament, the world thought that this would be the sole reason for ‘We would give it back’ but it turned out to be the other way round. Now Shami has 17 wickets in total.


  1. India became the highest scorer at the MCG (melbourne cricket ground), with a score of 303 and with that we’ve made it to the semi finals.


  1. There is all the probability that India can defeat Pakistan in the Semi-Finals, if only Pakistan manages to beat Australia in the quarterfinals.


What changed after the SA vs Sri Lanka match

pic 1

Credit- ICC

1. Kumar Sangakkara still stands at the top of the #CWC15 run-scoring charts with 541 runs. Alas! He won’t be moving further. It’s to be seen, who tops the chart.[gap height=”10″]
2. Dilshan With 395 runs was the fourth highest scorer. His journey too stops here only.

Credit- ICC

3. By all probabilities with 417 runs Ab De Villiers seems destined to be the highest scorer. Btw, cricket has all its improbability with it. He’s a devastating strike rate of 144.29 in this world cup and the team meeting his side must keep this in mind! Btw, he’s hit 20 sixes as well.
pic 3

Credit- ICC

4. Other than the highest scorer record, what went in vain for Sangakkara are his 4 consecutive centuries and the record of hitting 57 boundaries! He has been the batting gem for the CWC 2015 who must have been there but is no more![gap height=”10″]
5. God knows that how without any bowler who made for any record of the top 10, how did Sri Lanka make it to the semi finals. One thing remains unchanged is that no Sri Lankan bowler could make any remarkable performance and nothing will be missed in this regard.
pic 4

Credit- ICC

6. Imran Tahir, the top wicket taker of this match with a figure of 26/4 makes it to the top three wicket takers of CWC 2015. Will he be dominating the charts?[gap height=”10″]
7. Duminy takes the second hat trick of this world. The first one has been taken by Finn for England.[gap height=”10″]
8. This match had not a single six despite both Sangakkara and Ab De Villiers playing in the match.[gap height=”10″]
9. This has been one of the most humiliating defeat to any strong team in this world cup, The one to the English side was no less but This came in the semi finals. Not a good ‘Good Bye’ for Sri Lankans. Btw hats off to Kumar Sangakkara, who got his team to the semi finals on his shoulders.
pic 5

Credit- ICC

10. We won’t see any more of Kumar Sangakkara and Jayawardene. They left the field for one last time together. Now, both of them become history for the ground, we will be watching them engaged in the off ground activities. Bye bye both, we’ll miss you a lot![gap height=”10″]
History is to witness another semi final between India and Bangladesh on 19 of march 2015. Lets see, how does it turn out to be!

When its two in one, we call it “Pun”

Cricket in India may have been famous for varied reasons but one such reason which makes the watch even more interesting is the commentary (Of course the hindi commentary). Actually watching cricket gives you two kinds of pleasure, 1st one of course watching cricket itself (a cricket lover would know this better) and the other one you would know after you read these lines.

Capture1 Capture2 Capture3 Capture4 Capture5

Now if a day comes when porn sites get extinct you know who to blame and what to blame for.  Though our team and the game itself have evolved over the years but hindi commentary has taken a pledge not to mend its way. But sometimes I really wonder if not these lines what would the commentator have said.

Hat trick- who will stop Team India

1002696_765365330165251_5218972129805905453_nFirst came Pakistan that never won against us, then came South Africa that never lost against us and finally we’re done with the UAE that has nothing much on record against us. Team India will meet West Indies on the coming Friday in another group match. Now the question is that will the West Indian team be able to stop the Vijay Rath of Team India?

Indian cricket team was in bad shape before the World Cup started. There was not much hope that the team had any chance even in the league matches, as it was beaten and battered both in the test as well as the triangular series but to add on this one can say that the taste of defeat added to the experience of our team and now that it’s acquainted with the condition, it has become almost unbeatable.

It was predictable that this match will prove to be a practice match for team India and the same happened. It gave Rohit Sharma a chance to get back in form. ICC has released a video with a question that is there a better spin bawler than Ashwin in this match. He’s got four wickets, last one a clean bowled!

The batting order is in order and Shami’s absence made no visible difference in this match. Now the same questions again that will the West Indian team be able to stop team India in the next match or we’re to watch some more #Mauka videos making fun of the opposition.