Critical review of Being Indian video

It’s a typical mindset that when you hear ‘I am from Bihar’ you get replies like Haan I knew, aapke bolne ke style se lag rha tha that you are from Bihar. Or the other very patent answer is ohho Lalu ke sheher se ho? In the current scenario, you might have also got answers that, who will win in this Bihar election?

This is not what Bihar is all about. It is far more than IAS, Lalu Prasad, Litti Chokha, HUM, etc. Guys grow up! This is what a video uploaded on Being Indian depicts to its lovely Biharis.  Here, in my opinion I don’t think the video is doing justice to Biharis. Every state is typical in its own way like Punjabis, Bengalies, South Indians then why jokes are found more on Biharis. After some time, the video has exaggerated on the conditions of Bihar.

I don’t think they played well with the comic part, they tried a lot to be funny, but they weren’t much. The issues that they have raised for Bihar are not the only copyright of Bihar, the same issues are found in UP, MP, in fact, India as large. Don’t you think corruption, kidnapping, murder are evils that have copyright of India on them? Maybe the video tickles a bit but do not need a huge clap. I appreciate the theme and working of the actors, but had it been funnier without touching the emotions of Bihar, it would have succeeded in the race of viral videos. If you don’t agree with me have a look at it once keeping my points in mind.



An eye for eye- in the name of mob justice


Reverberation of cry was heard on the streets all around. This was the condition when entire India had come in front for a single word ‘Justice.’ That was the day and now once again the same cry was heard in Guatemala, a country in Central America. But this time it is the voice of a single girl who cried for her life. Yes, we can call her by many names though she owned only one. She was a prey to the public who had encircled her in between.

This is how we treat Human being, 16 year old girl beaten and burned alive by lynch mob as she was accused of killing a 68 year old taxi driver. Not that she murdered him alone but was involved along with two other men who allegedly shot Carlos Enrique González Noriega, 68, before robbing him and running away. The two men with the teenager fled down a series of alleys, but the girl took a wrong turn and was surrounded by a vigilante mob. It was a party time for the mob as they had finally found one prey, the way they were beating her proves this.

The dreadful video showed the girl dazed and stumbled in the middle of a crowd with her face bleeding. This was not what she got; the worst was yet to come. When doused in a flammable liquid before going up in flames was so horrific to see even in video. Just think for the people who stood their silently watching it. They had closed their eyes which ignored the trembling body asking for one single hand to hold and save her. They had their ears shut down which could hear the scream and writhe of pain of that helpless girl. People had time to film the entire video but not to call policemen. We know it is justified to hang the murderers only if the court allows, not by the wish of general public. This video has crossed every meaning of brutality. Don’t know who gave this crowd which included from kids to old ladies to take the law in their hand and burn this girl alive.

In a world where we are fighting for our human rights especially related to women this is the result which we witness. It has been known that this country Guatemala ranks 5th in position of crime and murder and this is not the first time that mob justice is taking place there. But can we ask or rather provoke all who are busy in their philosophical world to come forward and outlaw these kinds of mobs.

Vimla-An Inspiration


It is said, educate a woman and the entire family gets educated. Not only family but an entire village got the boon of education, thanks to this lady who took an effort to bring in this change.

It has rightly been said you can achieve anything you want if you are passionate about it. This can be seen in the case of Vimla. This is the story of a lady from Saulpura, a small village in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. In 1990 she passed class 10th. What follows is amazing.

It is because of her efforts that today the number of girls going to school in the village is far more than the boys.

Team Dustbin Dubba salutes you for your efforts.

“At least know the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim” the kid says.


Yes, Mr. Obama few days back when you visited our country who said something about religious Intolerance in India and you even went up to the extent of saying Mahatma Gandhi would have been shocked and then came New York Times comment “What will it take for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speak out about the mounting violence against India’s religious minorities?

Mr. Obama if religious intolerance is not acceptable in India then it’s not even acceptable in the US as well. Isn’t it? Then what do you have to say about this?

Another video on Mauka!

Since when, Star Sports launched it’s first Mauka…Mauka video, there has taken place a series of such videos and it’s fourth of this instalment (in our knowledge). Our assumption is that there is more to come on it! So, take this one for the time being. We are working on the previous videos and team Dubba would try its best to not to miss on the upcoming Muaka videos!
BTW, India have never won a single world cup match against South Africa, here’s the Mauka!

Even the wailing woman couldn’t get Air India melted

Even the wailing woman couldn’t get Air India melted

Is this How AIR INDIA, that calls themselves to be pride of INDIA treats their passengers! Even the wailing woman (in the end of this video) couldn’t get their heart melted.
As Per one passenger (Shivendra Namdeo) of this particular flight, the Message from AIR INDIA was that one should be there, 45 mins before the departure time. He alleges that even though people were there 55 mins before the departure time but they were not allowed to enter.
 As per Namdeo, One person had her mother in ICU and that too in a critical condition. He has further alleged that though their was enough time, AIR INDIA didn’t allow passengers to board the flight.

Also in this video you can see a woman literally begging them to all

ow her to board the flight but they didn’t. Air India in its two tweets has written, “Air India is distressed at the video on social media showing its airport staff in poor light. The matter is being examined. @rvgpl71Pls DM us the name of the passenger along with date of trvl, tag no & file no.”

But will the service provider ever learn a lesson?