Abki Baar Modi-Mufti Sarkar: In J&K meet the North and the South poles

11025809_10155336902240165_5889297650179125568_n (1)Politics like cricket is unpredictable and this can be more firmly said after the alliance of Peoples Democratic Party and Bhartiya Janta Party. Two political parties with views apart from each other have formed an alliance, something of which Omar Adbullah might have not dreamt of with his eyes wide open.

The ideologies were so different that it took close to 70 days to arrive at a consensus. Jammu & Kashmir, state which has always been ravaged by tragedies, peace and stability are in dearth to be seen there.

The state has faced numerous issues due to its geographical location; amongst many here are a few issues that have attracted the attention of all the political parties-

PDP wanted to withdraw AFPSA (Arms Force Special Power Act) in a phased manner, PDP had earlier said that it would review the disturbed areas, BJP had opposed to the withdrawal of AFSPA. The coalition government would now review the situation of the disturbed areas and the final call would be taken by PM Modi.

BJP always wanted to revoke article 370. The BJP’s demand on Article 370 had created much of furore whereas PDP wanted to strengthen Article 370. The alliance would carry on the current constitutional provisions. The situation might be reviewed after 3 years, which is also an informal agreement.

BJP had always considered the separatist anti-national and the dialogue with them was never an option for the saffron party whereas PDP always had a soft stand towards them. The new government would indulge in dialogue with the Kashmiri separatists.

 Apart from these, there are certain other issues including that of sustenance of refugees from West Pakistan, BJP had promised state citizenship for the refugees.  The government would take measures to provide a onetime resettlement to the refugees from POK.

Though a lot of settlement has been made to arrive at a Common Minimum Programme for government formation in the state, both the parties have not started at a good note. Saeed thanked the Pakistani militants for peaceful polling in the state; the BJP distanced itself from the remark but were dragged into the controversy.

It would be interesting to see how BJP protects itself from such remarks made by its political partner moreover the upcoming state elections have given a ray of hope to the political spectators to hope for some unimaginable alliances, like SP and BSP or DMK and AIDMK. You never know after all it is politics and all the political leaders are generous enough to contribute their bit to serve the Aam Admi.

How BBC very smartly marketed its documentary in the name of Nirbhaya Gang Rape case

india-gang-rape3Rape is rape but a rape widely covered by the television media turns out to be capital and TRP for the mainstream media (be it print or television). No organization is an exception, not even the BBC. The interview with the Nirbhaya Gang Rape convict, which BBC Four will air on its Storyville program, is to coincide with International Women’s Day this Sunday and only the great gods can explain this coincident!

It will be seen by women’s rights groups as compelling evidence of the appalling attitudes shown by many Indian men towards women (as suggested by the media houses). Which may not be the case in the Great Britain (the writer is talking about the appalling attitudes shown by many Brit men towards Brit women)? But for the matter of fact women from US to UK are still struggling for petty issues like wage equality and you just Google ‘rape in US’ or ‘rape in UK’ and you’ll get compelling stories and evidences that would make you think that there are ample cases that need coverage there but they won’t get as large an audience as India. We’re dam populated guys…a big, really big market.

The above written lines never suggest that the condition of women in India is awesome; it’s not even close to good but in the name of rape and women empowerment, no marketing PLEASE! While the writer of this piece was going through a report published on the matter in the telegraph, he (as he thinks) read between the lines that made him realize that this story is being marketed.

First, nothing like this documentary can coincide with women’s day, no! At least the BBC is not that bad or call dumb with its planning. Then again, have you ever noticed the trailer of any film which is just a push for the film, a teaser or promotion? The same is happening with this BBC documentary on NIrbhaya. The crunch or call it the teaser has been released in the media and getting widespread coverage, which has nothing new but the kind of shit every rapist or misogynist says every now and then, like- women should not go out alone, should wear certain kind of clothes, do household work and blah, blah etc!

Dear BBC, what’s new in this documentary as one of the lawyers defending these convicts has put similar opinion on record, while saying, “If my daughter or sister engaged in pre-marital activities and disgraced herself and allowed herself to lose face and character by doing such things, I would most certainly take this sort of sister or daughter to my farmhouse, and in front of my entire family, I would put petrol on her and set her alight.”

There isn’t anything curious at least in the teaser of your documentary BBC and there nothing new in the name of documentation. Prima facie, it looks like a plain marketing gimmick and at least the writer feels that when you had nothing great for the coming women’s day, you came up with this.

Paid News Row: Is it possible in the Hindu?

FotorCreatedIn one of the most appalling incidents of its kind, one of the most reputed newspapers The Hindu has been allegedly blamed for paid news. The incident is substantial enough to tarnish the legacy of 136 year old newspaper.

As the Hoot (a media critic website) reports, the Thiruvananthapuram edition of The Hindu is the part of allegations and counter allegations. The incident goes on as following; an enquiry was conducted by the government of Kerela following a High Court order. The enquiry was cited due to various allegations of corruption and misconduct against the Executive Vice President of Kerela State Council for Science, Technology and Environment, VN Rajasekharan Pillai.

Additional Chief Secretary (Home) of the state government, conducted the inquiry, He then concluded that the accused had paid money for “infructuous” advertisements in The Hindu to carry reports praising him in order to help him get an extension of his tenure.

The alleged paid news story talks about the work being done by the Council under the leadership of VN Pillai. The other reports that appeared in the column called ‘Corridors of Power’ talks about his ending tenure and how will his successor be chosen.

The Hindu, on being questioned about the charges denied of being aware of any such enquiry and further clarified that the case being discussed cannot merely be considered as paid news, it was clearly mentioned that it is not a regular news coverage.

The report offered to the Kerala High Court  reads:

 “The advertisement charges claimed by the Hindu daily is part of the advertising charges in addition to the advertisement issued by the Government in connection with the Kerala Science Congress. This can be definitely declared as infructuous expenditure and the amount recovered. It is understood from the Member Secretary and the Ex Controller that several other bills raised by the Hindu Daily had earlier been paid from the KSCSTE. It is therefore not surprising that over the last four months a number of write ups have been noticed in the same daily in praise of the respondent and pointing out how the Science and Technology Department of the Government would suffer in case the Respondent was not allowed an extension of tenure. With regular feeds from the Respondent to the daily amounting to Lakhs of rupees, it is not surprising that such news items have appeared. This is a clear example of ‘paid news’. All the advertisements issued in this manner should be assessed by the Member Secretary and the total amount should be determined.”

 It would be very early to arrive at a conclusion. The Hindu can neither be charged guilty nor can it be proven innocent. Legal decisions should be left on the honourable High Court but ethical decisions can be taken by us as readers. Over the time the readers have evolved and have gained a sense of maturity to judge “What is Selling and What is Shelling.

An Open Letter to Arnab Goswami by Civil Activists

Never Ever, Ever Ever, these four words hit back to everyone, the much discussed and one of the most entertaining series of the one of the most dramatized, obnoxious, noisy, authoritative, Oh I forgot this isn’t Newshour and if I am writing to cater to a certain section of crowd then I have to allow my readers to express their views without superimposing my viewpoints.

Certain Civil activists have openly confronted Arnab Goswami for fostering hate speeches against them. The letter talks about the debate on 17th and 18th of February which was focussed on the offloading of Green Peace activist Priya Pillai.

The letter goes on to say that the invited guests were not allowed to present their point of view from the very starting of the programme and further the anchor called them “anti – national” or “unpatriotic”. The letter further reads that this isn’t the only instance when the guests were humiliated for presenting their point of view which is in contradiction with that of the anchor.

Letter has also outlined the guidelines presented by the National Broadcasting Authority (NBA) which states that “News shall not be selected or designed to promote any particular belief, opinion or desires of any interest group….

“Broadcasters shall ensure a full and fair presentation of news as the same is the fundamental responsibility of each news channel. Realizing the importance of presenting all points of view in a democracy, the broadcasters should, therefore, take responsibility in ensuring that controversial subjects are fairly presented, with time being allotted fairly to each point of view

“TV News channels must provide for neutrality by offering equality for all affected parties, players and actors in any dispute or conflict to present their point of view. Though neutrality does not always come down to giving equal space to all sides (news channels shall strive to give main view points of the main parties) news channels must strive to ensure that allegations are not portrayed as fact and charges are not conveyed as an act of guilt.”

“… avoid… broadcasting content that is malicious, biased, regressive, knowingly inaccurate, hurtful, misleading….”

The guidelines have been violated in almost every programme of the Newshour Debate if at all it is suitable to call it a debate.

The letter was presented by:

 Vrinda Grover – Lawyer, Supreme Court of India

Sudha Ramalingam, Lawyer, Madras High Court and Civil liberties Activist

Pamela Philipose, Feminist and Senior Journalist

Aruna Roy, Right to Information, NREGA and Democratic Rights Activist

Anjali Bharadwaj, Right to Information Activist

Kavita Krishnan, Women’s movement and Left Activist

Kavita Srivastava, Women’s movement and Civil Liberties activist

cc: All signatories of the letter.  

Such kinds of aggressive war of words to no stretch can be classified as healthy debates where each section is addressed and some fruitful and constructive outcomes can be expected after investing precious 45 minutes into it. We can’t call it journalism which in true sense caters to aware people and then leave it on them to decide what is right and what is wrong. It won’t be wrong to say that debate hour shapes the view point of many who actually consider it a form of journalism.

Arnab your debate hour might be one of the most high TRP rated programme but that this is not journalism to any stretch. 10 windows with 10 different people who are though a part of your so called debate which according to you “Nation wants to know” and with the inquisitive nation getting questions and answers only from you.

Interestingly the mainstream media chose to keep mum on the letter.

Land acquisition protest: Multiplexes’ show at Jantar Mantar

anna-hazare_7The box office war between Badlapur and Ab Tak Chhappan- 2 may begin on February 27 till then it’s Badlapur which is running successfully in the multiplexes, however another moment passed in between at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar, where farmers came in big number to support the protest against the Land Acquisition ordinance brought by the BJP led NDA government, only to be confused by the number of stages set for Dharna.

On February 24, when I visited the Jantar Mantar, some 5 stages were set. One was of the left front led CITU, another by the Bhartiya Kisaan Majdoor Sangh (V M Singh faction), then there were two more stages of Anna Hazare, Yuva kranti and some other unions and another on the parliament street where all the drama is taking place.

I missed the most important one at the Parliament Street in confusion that Jantar Mantar is the main protest site. CITU people flocked quickly to parliament street site; people at Kisan majdoor sangh site are going gaga in praise of VM Singh, though they are in all farmers and good speakers. The main protest site is the most disappointing one. Less people turned out there and there were more of media person and selfie takers.

The parliament street protest site is the most successful one that I missed, where Kejriwal-Anna drama is taking place. The farmers are listening in the hope that these people can force change in the bill however the real faces behind the new bill that people elected are in parliament. They don’t even come to pacify the protesters. When people are on the street that is a good sign for democracy however the same is not a good sign for ruling BJP.  Is BJP listening or it will become another number in Ab Tak…………?

                                                                          Submitted by our in house reporter Sanjay Singh.

The curious case of sex toys sale on Snapdeal

On one side you invoke section 377 which criminalizes homosexuality in India in fact any kind of physical involvement that is against the order of nature and on the other side you allow sites like Snapdeal who sell products like vibrators and sex toys to operate their business in India.

Doesn’t it prove the double standards of Indian law?

 Those who have no idea what exactly I am talking about for them, a case has been filed against Snapdeal by a Delhi based lawyer not that he is against homo sexuality but he wants to test the limit of our judiciary system as to how our law can permit Snapdeal to sell various sex objects when our own law has invoked section 377.

 If this was not sufficient to prove the dual nature of our Indian law then earlier the Supreme Court dint take any action just because it was a case of marital rape and there is no law safeguarding any party being raped after marriage. Rape is rape whether it’s pre-marital or post marital.

 It’s high time our law starts taking a stand and not just run away from situations.

Talking about equality let’s take cases when Sanjay Dutt and Abdul Nazer Maudhany was acquitted. Maudhany was acquitted after a long term of 9 years in jail without getting a bail but Sanjay Dutt had to stay in jail only for 1 and a half years. For the rest 12 and half years he was out of the jail getting a bail.

 Celebrity effect or MP Priya dutt’s effect? Same goes for Salman khan who was not even present for some the pronouncement in the illegal arms case.

 Mumbai court issues charges against all the people present for the AIB roast but there were no charges against Sonakshi Sinha.  Again we have the same question why?

 The most shocking factor is India’s judge to population ratio is only 14 judges to 10 lakh people so even on my part how can I expect our judiciary to be right and equal

‘Your Palace in the sky’- Remember something?

Yes, it is the tagline of the pride of India, ‘Air India’ which helps bridge the gap as early as possible. It would make you feel as if you are landing into Palace in the sky but has missed the love to welcome you on the land.

Somebody is busy shopping on the airport itself as if she wants to look as a Queen, who is about to put her feet on red carpet of the Palace. On the other side few days back we saw

Air India felt very knotty to even allow the passengers to board the flight to get that royal retreat. Let’s see how.

Recently we heard that Renuka Chowdhury, former Union minister and Congress Rajya Sabha MP was travelling to Hyderabad on Air India’s flight, but due to her shopping the flight got delayed by 45 minutes. Reason for postponement of the flight was first she was a Minister and second she was a Lady. Yes the word ‘Lady’ itself has a strong love affair with the verb ‘Shopping’. They don’t give a damn to 5 Ws when they are floating in the waves of pouches and bags.

In both the recent crisis situation poor passengers were the one who suffered the most. Earlier video which went viral of Air India gave us the shot of crying people with hands folded, pleading managers of the flight to allow them to board. Their mistake was that they had come 55 minutes early instead of 60 minute and this time they had to wait for 45 minutes.

Please somebody go and check the mind working system of Air India. Is there any blockage or supply of fuel has stopped? We would like to offer them tool kit to figure it out before we suffer again!

An open letter to the Indian Society by a bad girl

Not so dear Indian Society,

Why should boys have all the fun? When a girl wants to have some fun, she is called Bad Girl!

The morality of Moral science classes of our school days are popping up now as posters parody, but is it really satire, ask yourself?

Visual tells it all. If a girl drives motorcycle she is a ‘Bad girl’ and if a boy goes on honking and rash driving he is an ‘Ideal boy’. Bad girl, the recent satire on Indian society after Adarsh Balak is getting all the eyes browsed towards it but will it get their minds opened?

The comic mocks at traditional Indian society perseverance of females that blames a girl for everything, even if she is opening her hair. The stereotypical society is moving ahead on idea of working out for slim body but not on the essence of narrow mindset.

We should clap aloud for this new synonyms of a boy (Adarsh Balak) and a girl (Bad Girl) as the society needs to understand the definition of an Independent, who essentially is not a bad girl.


Bad girl

Is Rahul Gandhi heading PM Modi’s PR team these days?

Mr. Narendra Modi, no doubt has a brilliant PR team and we have witnessed the same during and post the General Election. As to how a man known for the Gujarat riots became the man of development and son of a Chaiwala (read common man).

But right now PM Modi’s PR team seriously needs to be revamped!
Here are the reasons why we do we need good PR strategies for Mr. Modi –


  1. One of the reasons for Mr. Narendra Modi becoming the PM was that the aam aadmi tried to relate themselves to a Chaiwala’s Beta, who had dared to see such a dream (and achieved it).


How the image changed- Spending 10 Lakhs on getting a fancy designer suit with your name on it won’t help you Mr. Modi to keep that image sustained. (Failed PR Strategy)


  1. After BJP’s thrashing defeat in the Delhi Assembly elections commentators blamed Modi’s suit for the rout.


Mr. Modi that means your suit became more valuable and important than your work. (Failed Strategy)


  1. It’s not surprising after the criticisms PM Modi’s PR team tries to get rid of the suit.


Plan– Auctioning it! Well, we have other important issues in our country that needs more attention than this suit. (Failed Strategy)


  1. Where is the suit being auctioned?


Surat– wow that was so unexpected! That means Modi is still in the Gujarat Hang Over. (Failed Strategy)



What is Brand Modi?


Earlier– Nothing but people’s sevak


Now– Self-laudatory icon (Failed strategy)


It’s high time that we need to see some work rather than words.


Is Rahul Gandhi running your PR team Mr. Modi?


मंगलयान के कुल बजट से छह गुना महंगी एक मूर्ति!

नई दिल्ली: मार्स ऑर्बिटर मिशन या मंगलयान अभियान की सबसे ज्यादा तारीफ इसके कम बजट के लिए हुई है. पूरे अभियान का बजट महज 450 करोड़ था जो कि इस तरह के किसी भी अभियान से काफी कम है. लेकिन चौंकाने वाली बात यह है कि गुजरात में लगने वाली सरदार पटेल की मूर्ति ‘स्टैचू ऑफ यूनिटी’ का खर्च मंगल अभियान से चार गुना अधिक है.

सोशल मीडिया पर कुछ कमेंटेटर्स ने लिखा है कि प्रधानमंत्री की धरती की योजना मंगल से ज्यादा महंगी है. मंहगी भी थोड़ी बहुत नहीं बल्कि चार गुना अधिक! गुजरात में साबरमती नदी के किनारे ‘स्टैचू ऑफ लिबर्टी’ के नाम से लगने वाली सरदार पटेल की मूर्ती पर मंगलयान अभियान से कम से कम चार गुना अधिक खर्च आएगा. स्टैचू ऑफ यूनिटी के लिए मोदी सरकार के पहले बजट में 200 करोड़ रुपए का आवंटन किया गया है जो मंगलयान अभियान का आधा है.

वहीं इस योजना के लिए गुजरात सरकार 500 करोड़ देने वाली है. दोनों राशियों को जोड़ने के बाद भी कुल राशी पूरे बजट की एक तिहाई तक ही पहुंच पा रही है. एक रिपोर्ट के मुताबिक स्टैचू ऑफ यूनिटी बनाने के लिए जो सबसे कम बोली लगी है वो 2,980 करोड़ रुपए की है. जो वर्तमान संभावित बजट 903 करोड़ रुपए से 917 करोड़ रुपए ज़्यादा है.

मंगल की कक्षा में मंगलयान के सफलता से स्थापित हो जाने के बाद पीएम मोदी ने खुले दिल से इसरो के वैज्ञानिकों की तारीफ की. पीएम का कहना था कि जो काम वैज्ञानिक करते हैं अगर उसे आम जीवन में लागू किया जाए तो लोगों की ज़िदगी बदल जाएंगी, सरकार चलाने का तरीका भी बदल जाएगा. पीएम ने कहा कि इससे पूरे सिस्टम में बदलाव आ जाएगा. उनका मानना है कि हमारे जीवन में स्पेस टेक्नॉलजी से बहुत बड़ा बदलाव आ रहा है.

मंगलयान की सफलता के मौके पर पीएम ने कहा, “मुझे विश्वास है कि हमारा काम, देश में सरकार चलाने का तरीका, जीवन स्तर और चीज़ों को हासिल करने का तरीका आपके इस प्रयास से बदल सकता है.” पीएम ने जिस बात की सबसे ज़्यादा तारीफ की वो यह थी कि पूरी योजना का बजट हॉलीबुड की एक फिल्म ‘ग्रैविटी’ से भी कम है. लेकिन क्या अपनी इस सराहना से वो खुद असल ज़िदगी में भी सीख लेंगे?

ऐसा सोचने में कोई बुराई नहीं है कि 2,000 करोड़ में मंगलयान जैसे और कितने अभियान आगे बढ़ाए जा सकते हैं.