Sexually abused? What took so long in accepting?

[box]By Anwesha Brahma[/box]

Bigg Boss 6 contestant and celebrity hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani came out the open today revealing the horrifying tale of how she was gangraped at gunpoint in Chicago when she was just 24. And this is not the first time we have come across something similar happening with our celebrities.

Before I start writing something about it let me make it clear that I do understand the seriousness and sensitivity of the situation. And I also think most of us have encountered some or the other kind of sexual abuse in some or the manner. But having said all that, I just have on question to put forward “why does it take so long”.

Sapna Bhavnani is now 44 years old and while she was in Bigg Boss she had got one of the best platforms to reach out to a larger audience but she chose not to. Well she is not the first one to confuse me; Kalki Koechlin shocked everyone when she opened up about her gloomy experience as a child. In an interview to news channel, NDTV, Kalki revealed that she was sexually abused as a child. Again years after and especially when she had films and stage plays of hers lined up like “Happy Ending” and “Colour Blind”.

Same was the case with Shenaz Treasurywala days before her movie release “Main Aur Mr.Right” she wrote an open letter to the most powerful people of India including Narendra Modi, Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Sharukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Anil Ambani on women’s safety in India. She wrote how she was sexually abused when she was only 15. It is good to know Mr. Shenaz Treasurywala that India was quite safe for women before your film released. Isn’t?

No doubt it’s always a welcome step when celebrities express something like this because the women of our country relate themselves with the situation(and I am one of them) and get the courage to speak up but when such situations are used as a mere publicity stunt the same situations bring an adverse effect on the society. I hope our celebrities understand it soon and not use it any more for personal favours.

PM Narendra Modi leaves for the visit of 6 Central Asian Countries

[box]By Deeksha Saksena[/box]


Since Prime Minister Modi assumed the office in May 2014, he has visited 20 countries so far. His foreign trips have garnered a lot of media attention and criticism at the same time.

PM will undertake his 9 day long 6 nation tour from 6th July. It is interesting to note that the PM would be visiting 6 Central Asian countries- Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. PM will visit these Islamic countries except Russia during the holy month of Ramzan.

Except Russia no country is as developed. Earlier Russia held a prominent position in Central Asia but gradually the increased Chinese influence in the region has compelled India to take forward its ties with these nations. China is aggressively taking the Silk Road Maritime project in the region and now it’s high time for India to enhance its ties with these nations which have otherwise been ignored. Moreover there is no direct flight from India to Central Asia and getting a Visa for these countries is again a tedious job.


Starting from Uzbekistan which shares its border with Afghanistan, Indian movies, music and language is very popular in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan’s radio completed 50 years of Hindi broadcasting in 2012. Uzbekistan and India have immense potential to expand their trade but the absence of direct route is a problem for trade. Modi’s visit will help in opening a new dimension in India Uzbek relations.


His next destination would be Kazakhstan. It is one of the most important destinations as it is one of the largest trading partners of India in Central Asia. Moreover the country receives a lot of Chinese attention. PM will be in Kazakhstan on 7th and 8thJuly. India and Kazakhstan are cooperating in multiple sectors like space and energy. Chances are that the co-operation might be enhanced in the sector of Agriculture also.


Russia will be the third stop for the PM. He will participate in the 7th BRICS summit and will also be a part of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. Chances are that India might get the membership of SCO, where it still holds the status of an observer. Both the summits need no description and are of immense significance to India in resolving global challenges.


After Russia PM will reach Turkmenistan. Again the destination is important to India due to Turkmenistan-Afghanistan- Pakistan and India gas pipeline proposal. The TAPI gas pipeline if comes into action would change the picture of the region. Turkmenistan has the fourth largest natural gas reserves in the world. Apart from the TAPI project, the visit could boost the tourism, space, science and defence sectors.


PM would reach Kyrgyzstan on July 12th. The China has a significant role to play in Kyrgyzstan. It has settled its borders with China. The visit might explore dimensions to expand economic and bilateral ties with the nation. PM will also gift medical equipments to the Kyrg field hospital. It will help in boosting medical tourism from Kyrgyzstan to India. This is the first prime minister level visit to the country in 20 years.


Tajakistan would be the last and a strategically important destination in Prime Minister’s visit. Tajakistan shares a border with the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, which is claimed to be a part of India. India has spent approximately $70 million to build a military air base at Ayni in Tajakistan. The fighter aircrafts couldn’t be deployed due to the Russian pressure. Moreover Badakhshan, a province on the Afghan-Tajikistan border is witnessing a spread of conservative Salafi Islam, which is again a cause of concern for both India and Afghanistan. Peace and stability in Afghanistan affects the entire central Asia.Tajakistan and India share strong defence co-operation. PM’s visit will explore new dimensions in the economic and bilateral ties of both the nations. PM would also gift medicines to India and Tajikistan friendship hospital.

The visit of Prime Minister will be strategically an important one to build up a competitive force to the growing Chinese influence in the region. The soft power of India, i.e the Indian culture is already very active in the region. Now its time to boost the diplomatic and economic ties.

Hit and Run by the red beacon and the VIP culture

[box]By Samridhi Dikshit[/box]downloadMedia buzzing with minister’s car accident stories, adding on the list is Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s speeding car convoy caused an accident, killing a woman (as NDTV reports). Next update was that he denied car accompanying him. It is obvious to deny as nobody is so honest to accept their fault in first attempt especially in cases related to minister’s. What matters here is the death of a woman by his car.

Last night we heard a four year old child was killed when actress-cum-politician Hema Malini’s speeding Mercedes hit a Maruti Alto in Rajasthan. After the first information report or FIR was filed the driver has been arrested this morning. News is floating with injuries to Hema Malini but who knows the fact about who the child was? I know media depends on prominence factor but we can’t leave ‘behind the scene stories’ as these stories are equally important.

If media reports are to be believed, Hema Malini, who’s a BJP MP, ran from the spot. It is being suggested by the media reports; it was her injuries which was the most prominent thing for Hema. Again, if the reports are true, the little kid would have been saved, if she would have been taken to the hospital alongside Hema but despite having enough space in her SUV, Hema didn’t find it rational to take anybody with her.

It has been seen a trend that Minister’s car with Laal batti has been accused of killing person in accident. For example in the month of May Kerala Minister Dr MK Muneer was travelling in an SUV that hit a man riding a scooter who was a  college professor  died after reaching hospital.

Who will speak against these incidents, will they get any witness like those in normal cases, and the same goes with Salman’s hit and run case too! Months and years will be passed with files kept one above the other without any justice, after that the story will be the same, minister’s in their comfort zone will add on to their mistakes. One who has the power to rule should set an example as an IDOL.

Facts About Greece Debt Crisis

[box]By Deeksha Saksena[/box]


Greece is looming under serious debt crisis since 2008. Greece became the epicentre for the Europe’s debt crisis after the Wall Street exploded in 2008. The final deadline over the Greece’s crisis will be taken on 30th June 2015. The country has to repay a loan of $1.8 billion to International Monetary Fund, to avoid default.

What if the economy of Greece defaults?

If the economy of Greece defaults then, the country’s economy would further dwindle leading to rise in unemployment. The current unemployment rate in the country is above 25%. The government services will become scarce. It would also be hard for the country to elect new leaders. Default in Greece would also lead to European Central Bank (ECB) cutting off its emergency inflows to Greece hence leading to pressure on the Greek banks and its depositors. The depositors might not get enough access to their money and access to it is likely to be limited. The Greek banks might also collapse which are not performing well. Greece might issue its own currency if there is a default, but chances are it won’t be accepted and the market might react negatively to it.

What led Greece to debt ?

Over the years Greece has piled up debt on itself by spending more than its income. According to a few economic experts the government kept on borrowing money from the lenders in order to fulfil the promises made by its politicians.

Although its economy did not perform well, Greece never changed its policies. Its expenditure on the social sector is one of the major reasons for its current economic crisis.

Why shouldn’t a shoe be hurled at DU?

[box]By  Kuldeep Sahani [/box]

Ministers couldn’t get

Neither the Education Minister Smiriti Irani nor the Former Law Minister of Delhi Tomar nor the minister from Maharashtra Vinod Tawade have a genuine degree but the students are expected to score 100%, if they want to get in DU (Delhi University). We know that our contemporary legislators have not been very keen towards education but they are  the one who formulate policies and they never went for a policy like 100% score for admission in a stupid university that doesn’t even ensures placement. Irrespective of this there are many bright politicians who have studied from DU, despite that expecting 100% from students should be blasphamous.

Stars too couldn’t get

If DU has produced Amitabh, it has produced Mallika Sehrawat at the same time. This shows the function of the universirty and its end result. Ok, jokes apart! There are two fields that inspires Indians like anything, that are Bollywood and cricket and both the field has numerous examples that have done either without 100% or without DU. Be it the legendry Jhonny Walker or legendry Tendulkar, none of them had both the 100% and DU but they excelled!

This discriminates against the state board guys

Without any offence to the CBSC guys, it is easier to score 90+ for them. In state board the teacher wouldn’t let you. Period! You must have seen those pictures of parents and family members climbing the walls of the schools so that their children could get pass the exam. The pictures came from Bihar but more or less the condition is similar in state boards. Now this shows the elitism of DU. When you know that even the major population in Delhi too is getting their formal education from Sarkari schools, why would you set a utopian bar?! You don’t want the underprivileged get in!

Dear Delhi University, we are still a country that is running programs like Midday meal and Sarv Siksha Abhiyan. With these there is an effort that school enrollment could see some rise. And yes, we’re the country that’s fight against child labor, bonded labor by children, forced prostitution by the minors and still what all you need in 100%?  Tell me that why shouldn’t a shoe be hurled at you?

God of agriculture is in danger!!!

[box]By Happy Anand[/box]

A country where on one hand 70% of the population is based on agriculture, on the other hand 26% of them have committed suicides is our Incredible India. Every other day we come across ministers especially Rahul Gandhi who is planning to become Kisan ka Bhagwan said he will make Amethi the agricultural hub.

Next on the list is our Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal who with his Dharnas is very famous among the farmers and also due to one of the farmer’s death in the land acquisition rally. Is he there to support them or lessen the number of farmers from India?

Our story today is on the recent condition of agriculture in India. Due to agrarian reasons suicides have increased by 26% to 1,109 in 2014, out of which 986 were reported from Maharashtra, 84 from Telangana and 29 from Jharkhand (as per Indian Express reports).

Today, India, the world’s second-largest producer of wheat is in such a state it has raised a need to import it from other countries. Since wheat is largely grown in India’s central and northern plains, flour millers from southern states, hemmed in by the Indian Ocean, sometimes find it attractive to import high-protein grades from Australia. Industry and government officials estimate this year’s wheat output at about 90 million tonnes, nearly 5%  lower than the 2014 harvest, but still exceeding domestic demand of about 72 million tonnes. There are strong chances that traders will import 5 lakh tonnes to French and Russian, wheat will find their way to India because of attractive prices and if the euro goes down (as per IBN reports).

So, now we leave  this to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to decide and take step on this scenario. As he with his ‘Modification’ is going to digitalise India into an agricultural hub! Bringing Walmart and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is he going to promote the farmers or demote them, coming days will decide!

What the ‘FAKE degrees’ of our ministers and citizen!

[box]By Anwesha Brahma[/box]

“I want a fake degree” this is one of the posts I came across when I was scrolling down on Quickr. I wonder who would have posted it. C’mon it can’t be Jitender  Tomar, Smriti Irani or Vinod Tawde especially when they have such great contacts in the industry and such great defenders. It can be someone out of 2500 fake universities and 7500 fake companies existing in India.

While Mr. Kejriwal said he was kept in dark but still he used the already turmoil situation to train guns at the Bharatiya Janata Party, saying Prime Minister Narendra Modi should take action against External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje for supporting former IPL chief Lalit Modi. A party’s leader who always stood on a similar line of the magazine “Tehelka” as in exposing the truth was itself kept in dark. Quite sad, isn’t? Or I would rather term it as ironical.

Next in the row comes a very popular, surprising and of course debatable figure Mrs Smriti Irani. Her appointment as the HRD minister was itself quite shocking but her certificates just flabbergasted us. Is it bad to hold two degrees? No ma’am absolutely not but how can that be possible in the same years. Mrs Irani in her affidavit for April 2004 Lok Sabha polls said that she completed her BA in 1996 from Delhi University (school of correspondence). In another affidavit for contesting the Rajya Sabha election from Gujarat, she stated that her highest educational qualification was B.Com part I from the School of Correspondence, DU. Quite dissimilar isn’t? Or rather I would say situational.

What can be more annoying but an educational minister itself holding a fake degree? Vinod Tawde’s engineering institute was not recognized by the government stating that it is bogus degree.

While an alarming rate of 50% of male job aspirants forging their previous job experience certificates have been exposed, the statistics of 2014 indicates cases of dissonance in the various employment sectors to be 71.5%. 50% of the job seekers with fake credentials pertain to the BFSI segment, with 18% in the IT sector. In the mid – level companies, background checks are usually perfunctory, only the top corporate go for a serious screening of the credentials of the candidate. And why should it not be? As per a rough estimate, there are about 2500 fake universities and 7500 fake companies existing in India.

But frankly this figure is not astonishing after the leaders leading this country itself are in the circle of forgery. One thing can be said for sure, the more we come across such cases the less we tend to trust on our education system.

India in the line of joining ISIS and Taliban

By Anwesha Brahma



With the election of Mr. Narendra Modi as the Prime minister of India there was an air of tension surrounding the Muslim minority section of India. But now, I guess our government has fallen in love with the growing culture of Bangladesh, which is mutiny against the fourth pillar. At least the current scenario of journalists being attacked and two being charred to death portrays the similar picture.

When Washikur Rahman was attacked and hacked to death by young religious students on a busy street in the center of Dhaka after Avijit Roy, Ahmed Rajib Haider and Humayun Azad, petrified the Bangladeshi knew that their land is not a land of free thinkers and critics. Though the government of Bangladesh had promised proper investigation to punish the culprits, people knew this case too somewhere would be buried like the previous ones.

Something similar was promised by Akhilesh Yadav after the death of Joginder Singh— a journalist set on fire in Uttar Pradesh after he accused a state minister of being involved in illegal mining and land seizures. It wasn’t very long when something similar happened in Madhya Pradesh when Sandeep Kothari, a local journalist was set afire, murdered and buried in the forest area of Nagpur district of Maharashtra.

In a latest case of crime against scribes, Javed Malik, a journalist who works for Greater Kashmir was allegedly beaten up by the guards of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) minister. He had objected to the guards passing lewd remarks on his wife. It’s pathetic to imagine the state of society we live in, where a husband can’t protect his wife.

The online media was not even barred when two women in Palgarh were arrested after they expressed their discontent with Mumbai being shut down for the funeral of leading Hindu nationalist Bal Thackeray. With the majority of the mainstream media being under the corporate nowadays, it’s quite difficult to make out whether media is still the fourth pillar of democracy. With the rising terror against the scribes, one thing can be said for sure that world’s largest democracy, civil rights is running up against the media.

Will the smart services be a vital cog in the country’s development wheel?

[box]By Anwesha Brahma[/box]


After the Union Cabinet has approved the 100 Smart City Projects, various companies providing security services and assistance in India have geared up in order to provide assistance to the government of India in order to help the government achieve its target of 100 smart cities by the year 2022.

Recently the Government of India under the initiative of Department Telecommunication released the guidelines for safety and surveillance standards in India. There were contribution from various companies providing security services and applications in India.

With the technological advancement in every field companies in order to ensure safety would be focussing around the idea of Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is the network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity to enable it to achieve greater value and service by exchanging data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices

According to Mr. CP Singh, the Founder of Smart Group, “Safety and security is paramount, and the government has taken various initiatives to safeguard its citizens. Safety & surveillance ensures a safe and secure environment, not just limited to video surveillance, emergency response, and technology enabled smart premise. Safety and security M2M applications are relevant to all of the domains such as home, medical and industrial. M2M has dramatically expanded the scope of available home security and safety products”.

According to the 6Wresearch, the India video surveillance market is expected to reach 952.94 million USD by 2016; with a CAGR of 32.49% from 2011- 2016 which is quite expected keeping in mind the rising crimes in the country. Of the total market, security accounted for more than 55 per cent and this trend is expected to continue into the foreseeable future.

With Mr. Modi’s dream of smart cities moving towards reality day by day, it would be interesting to see how the technological companies would be arming themselves in order to explore the potential of a smart city.

Abki Baar, Selfie Sarkar: A government of click and share



Remember, our ex Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who was given the name of “The Underachiever” by Time magazine? The same magazine has quoted PM Narendra Modi as “Modi means Business”. So true and up to the mark, Modi has taken every step so precisely and effectively just to clear his way to zenith.


If we consider from the day he contested election (or may be before that when he was Gujarat CM) to the day he is working as a PM, every day is so “selfi-ed”. Everything revolves around him or his name and I am sure you all will agree to this. The country has certainly taken a huge ‘Modification’ in his one year governance.

 The BJP government is ready to participate in anything to create a favourable image of them and to communicate it with the masses. We can understand it more in terms of the word ‘publicity’. Sarkar ka prachar is like going deep into the hearts of its citizen. All these are, I think a carefully planned pseudo-event, called as Photo opportunity (Photo ops) which PM has grabbed in the best form from his PR tutor.

 Starting from earlier to recent days the amount of pictures he modelled for or the latest trend of Selfies:

During elections

modi selfie

The journey started when Bharatiya Janata Party launched its “Selfie with Modi” campaign to reach the tech-savvy voters in Delhi, during the 2015 assembly elections. The BJP said it has already collected more than 70,000 pictures of people across the capital who posed with the prime minister. Had anyone ever got a chance to pose with superstar Big-B in almost 30 years? No, but our PM did it in one single go.

 Even our national flower Lotus was made please to pose with would be PM (then) at the time of general election 2014.

kamal modi


After election

Now after attaining the position, he has the right to do anything and everything (Mind it may be just for publicity).

Swacch Bharat Abhiyan

sweepBe it Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, where Modi himself came out on the streets to aware the people about cleanliness. Don’t you think it was a tactic? It was not a single day task but a month long brainstorming and strategies to go ahead with it. If people had such a sense to follow what PM says, why would ever be garbage in any corner of the street? Although BJP came forward with many of their ministers on streets with broom, but all that was one day charm. Do we ever see now that apart from Mr. Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party’s symbol and maids who else are carrying broom to clean India?

If they took this step, why wouldn’t they go ahead with it now? Press Enclave Road is full of incongruities. Hospitals are surrounded by garbage dumps; debris chokes the green belt, and across the road from the glitzy malls lays the unauthorized colony of Khirki Extension behind a massive mound of debris and waste. This is one just example like this there are many in the list which are yet untouched. If Mr Modi gets time apart from clicking Selfies and asking their ministers to make a picture perfect then only Indian would be perfectly clean country.

Army operation


The same was the case with army operations. It wasn’t something to be publicised! Even the photos shared with the media are allegedly fake. It is said to be of an operation that was conducted during 2009. A government that claims it to be nationalist should be ashamed of such act!

Make in India campaign

Aaah, what to say about this! Here not only fingers were raised on Modi’s selfie but also on the logo of the campaign.

modi with china

It’s good to show your face off, and capture their moments but only when success is in your hand. Remember, why we click pictures with our hats blowing off on graduation day, because we have achieved it. But here who will go and tell our PM that Dilli abhi door hai?


Yoga Day

jawdekarThe recent campaign on Yoga Day has got all the eyes stuck to it, starting from the Madison square garden, where he launched the proposal. It was the best platform to announce Yoga day and this can only be done by PM Modi. We have seen many controversies leading to yoga day celebration. But amidst all the controversies, photo ops are not at all missed!

BJP’s Minister Prakash Javadekar and Rajnath Singh are trying best to rotate their body from every angle. They have been used as a model (or as a puppet) to promote upcoming Yoga Day which is on June 21. Had they moved their body more into providing health camps or medical facilities to slum children or people who needs then it would have brought more peace to their mind!

In the end story revolves around the strategies to make it large in any way possible and within the reach of our government. Who cares for people, the only thing our government care is to click and share!!!