Happy birthday ‘Kishore Da’ #KishoreKumar

Start your day humming musical treasures of ‘Kishore Da’ and wish his soul happy 88th birth anniversary.

August 4, 1929, was the day when Kishore Kumar was born as Abhas Kumar Ganguly till the time he changed it to the name that we recognize. Not to your surprise, he has eight Filmfare awards to his credit – the highest till date.

The legendary Bollywood singer-actor Kishore Kumar was the one melodious voice that made human emotion connects with the musical moments. Emotions raised as his voice went deep into our hearts. People have grown listening to his music, not only that his acting, his lyrics. Yes, lyrics were such a thing then, that people had memories attached with.

Kishore Kumar, one of the most versatile singers, has immortalized numerous film songs that have created its own space in the heart of Indians.

He may not be physically present here but we have an emotional connection to his soul that will last forever. A very Happy Birth Anniversary Kishore Da.

Here are few tributes that people are sharing on his birth anniversary, in their own way.

You truly deserve #KishoreKumar

Cancel bail of attackers, provide security to Chanchal and her family

They threw acid on her face and left her scarred for life. Now, they’re out on bail and threatening her life. They told her that the acid attack would be nothing compared to what they would do next! But, Chanchal the brave acid attack survivor refuses to give up and we need to support her. I have started this petition asking the IG, Weaker Section, Patna to cancel the bail of Chanchal’s attackers and provide security to Chanchal and her family. Sign my petition.

Chanchal was barely 19-years-old when 4 men attacked her and her 15-year-old sister. They threw acid on her for daring to resist their sexual harassment. Since then Chanchal has been fighting a long battle for justice and proper rehabilitation. Chanchal deserves the right to fight her case without having to worry about her life. For that her attackers must be put behind bars. Sign my petition and tell the IG to cancel the bail of Chanchal’s attackers. No survivor should have to go through the trauma that Chanchal is being put through.

2 years ago, Chanchal’s father had started a petition to fast track Chanchal’s case. With the support of over 71,000 people the case was fast tracked. If enough people support us today, we can make sure that Chanchal’s attackers are put behind bars and that Chanchal can continue her fight for justice. Chanchal dream was to study and become a computer engineer, today she has set aside that dream to fight for the rights of acid attack survivors. She has filed a PIL in the SC asking for a law to provide proper justice and rehabilitation to all acid attack survivors.

Signin from here and suport her.

Time has come to take steps to secure our virtual freedom

Concept behind the design of social media is somehow related to the formation of an identity and understanding of self through the interactions with other known or unknown individuals. In a very short lapse of time, it has experienced widespread popularity within our society. A medium that was known for its unique identity-space, for space less, is slowly but sharply losing its flavor. Here, someone’s freedom has suddenly become a threat for someone else. But the bigger part is- the threat is pointed towards an individual, targeted by a group or gathering with certain cemented mindset. There are never ending list of incidents that tried to hammer the freedom which an individual enjoys on social media sites. I am not going to serialize all but the most recent one.

Yakub’s hanging

Yes, it’s Yakub’s hanging. That day, the way populace got divide on the social platforms reflects that we are living in a democratic setup, where each has the right to put their opinion in public domain. But the way few extremist reacted over the individual’s free voice/opinion; it had almost murdered the freedom of speech and expression, assigned to each one by the Constitution of India. Social activist cum advocates Prashant Bhushan’s steps of approaching the highest court in the last minute for Yakub got many “patriotic” sentiments hurt. “People with true nationalistic approach” used all kinds of trolls to abuse Bhushan on each social-sites platform. False messages, edited photos with dirty slogans and horrible cartoon images were spread with a message on bottom, like, “if you are a true Indian, forward this or only Pakistan supporters will not share this or a true Hindu will not ignore this”. Patriotism had gone on sale. People were just a click away from either being a true patriotic or a traitor.

I am not interested in knowing who generated or formed these texts or images. But what bothered me is how even a well educated person, in tandem with 24*7 information and technology tools, got influenced by such destructive content. People used their internet connection to forward those man-made false-facts, instead of verifying it first. Before spreading such lies, one should have thought that if he is trying to do something anti-national, why would the highest court of India said “yes” to his appeal at the mid-night? Who know our constitution in best- is it the highest court of the land or the ‘creator of such messages’?

When it came to Salman

In a similar scenario, what happened to Salman’s tweets? Continuous religion-centric Dirty abuse forced Mr. Khan to DELETE his tweet. Flash mob decide the direction Mr. Khan’s virtual opinion should go. They snatched the virtual space of Mr. Khan. IT IS HORRIFYING how those UNCONTROLLED virtual mass acquired the VIRTUAL space AND TROLLED Salman.

Like previous incidents, a message circulating on Social Media sites stated “Eminent persons request President of India to consider Yakub Memon mercy plea.” This news was correct, but again the catalog which was distributed on different medium FLASHED many names which had no connection with it (like Ravish Kumar- Journalist @ NDTV). The list was well accessible and available on different news websites with full text, but only a few bothered to cross check the specifics and rest joined the “League of distribution”.

Some scholar defined the happenings as a hate inclined towards one particular religion. But if one arranges the sliding tiles puzzle in a sequence, it will reflect a particular kind of image painted with a selective color. Both Prashant Bhushan and Ravish Kumar belong to Hinduism and Salman Khan is Muslim, but they targeted all three. So, there were no religion based selections.

The majority of them who were involved in the message circulation system were loaded with an agenda and rest were following them like an Unguided-Mob or Mentally-Backward individuals. Most of them have no actual profile pictures, many accounts were looking nearly dead with only a small number of selective posts on few selective dates. It seemed like, many profiles belong to some invisible or SOME BARBARIC INDIVIDUALS.

Time has come when we have to take steps to secure our virtual freedom. We got this medium as a blessing for expressing our voice and we have to guard this. Social media sites’ owners and their strategist must think about the safety, security and some verification methods of both the content and the individuals. For example like linking individuals profile with their mobile number, Aadhar Card, OPT secure login system, only one profile allotted to one individual, fortnightly or monthly verification of profiles …etc. I know it seems very tough, but it’s not impossible. It may sound funny today, but very shortly we all will be in a queue for this demand. It’s not the matter of numbers of profile or fake profile but our freedom of speech and expression. We all have the right of free speech, but one doesn’t require a fake identity (either real or virtual) to use it.

A never-ending list can be drawn where few disturbing element used this platform to spread anti-national messages and tried very hard to break unity and bonds which people of this country share with each others. Fake rumors against The North-East people, Mehdi Masroor’s arrest for operating ISIS Twitter account, are only a few but shocking cases regarding media miss-conduct.

In real life, fake identity is dangerous for Nation but it is hazardous in the virtual world especially in a democratic setup. Save this medium to speak truth freely otherwise very soon people will stop believing in “What’s in your mind or tweet”. Spread the Truth and Report Abuse or misleading information.

The politics of DNA in Bihar

Politics in India has evolved over the time. There was a time when the leaders were polite even while targeting the opposition. Over the time, the politicians have started using an aggressive language that will capture the attention of the masses.
Indian Prime Minister is proficient in seeking the attention of the public by his speeches. He has given many catchphrases to the public through his speeches. Undoubtedly, he is a good orator, and many wait for his political address.
Recently while addressing a political rally in Bihar, PM Modi stated that THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE DNA OF NITISH KUMAR BECAUSE THE DNA OF DEMOCRACY IS NOT LIKE THAT, IN DEMOCRACY PEOPLE RESPECT THEIR POLITICAL RIVALS . His comment came in view of the broken alliance of BJP and JDU. Nitish, who was in alliance with the BJP since 2005 and ran a successful government, had broken up the alliance after eight years in 2013. The major reason for their separation is said to be Nitish Kumar’s displeasure with Modi’s Prime Ministership.
Modi’s comment did not go well with Bihar CM. He expressed his displeasure with the every possible way. He and RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav asked PM to take back his words and started a campaign called Shabd Vapsi. He used social media to show his displeasure and even wrote a letter to PM saying his DNA was the DNA of the people of Bihar.
After exploring all the avenues when Bihar CM felt that enough wasn’t said and done, he came up with a unique political stunt to grab the eyeballs. He has said that as a part of Shabd Wapsi campaign 50 lakh people of Bihar will send their hair and nail samples for the DNA tests that will cost more than $500m if done.
The political gimmick of Nitish is childish. He is trying to win over the sentiments of people by talking about Bihari pride. Mr. Kumar has forgotten that it is the same state which had given a mandate to him for progress and development, and those people have the political maturity to understand his play.
This campaign seems to have a negative impact rather than gaining positive numbers. It will altogether hurt the sentiments of the Bihari people and might trigger a sentiment against him. His alliance with RJD, which was earlier the biggest opposition has already made people sceptical about his political motives.
Instead of indulging in petty politics, he should work towards the development of the state. The state that still has the literacy rate of 69.83% needs to focus on something that will altogether contribute to its enhancement.
In Bihar, the elections are won, and politics is done majorly on the issues of caste. It is a high time when the people of Bihar need to realise that it is important to rise above caste politics to cope up with the progress of other states.

KRK’s Box office

How many of us remember Kamaal Rashid Khan (KRK) from Bigg Boss 3 who got huge attention from his poem “Jackwa and Jillwa”, (his version of Jack and Jill). After that show his friends following numbers grew immediately. Now again he is making noise with his KRK Box Office reviews. He is self-proclaimed film critic and rate his review on the number of person watched it. No doubt he is the most creative reviewer but social network has given its hand too to make him famous in any part of world.

He is such a person who got his name by his notorious acts like telling the reason of Vidya Balan’s being famous in the movie Dirty Picture. People like him for his non sense one liner which he uses in his every tweet like 2 Rs people. Other than that he is again in news with his tweets on Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal’s love for watching movies. Twitter is flooded with the messages on #Kejrimovies, where everyone is giving their opinion. But KRK is busy playing with emotions of CM. I think he must be afraid that may be Kejriwal will take his role of film critic.

Don’t forget to see the number of re tweets and number of people who have added his comment as favourites.

A journalist’s pen is one that makes and breaks a person, in the same way Social media is such platform which brings a person in limelight or dumps them. KRK is one such who has got almost 1.04 million followers and only 11 following on twitter whereas that of Rajeev Masand, real film critic has 688 followers only. Rest depends on you whom you want to choose and why?

Uber: It seems a never ending problem

Uber has been fined in California and will be suspended from operating as Uber failed to give the California Public Utilities Commission the information on how many rides were requested and accepted within each California zip code, how many users requested handicap accessible vehicles, and the cause of each accident involving an Uber driver.

The ruling, by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) recommended that Uber pay a $7.3 million fine and meet certain reporting requirements within 30 days or be suspended from operating in California.

Now why was the whole process incorporated? The data requests are part of a 2013 law in California which is meant to ensure that ride-hailing apps like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar don’t discriminate against people because of handicaps or where they live. According to the CPUC, Uber is the only such company to fail to meet their requirements.

Now what has Uber to say about it? Spokeswoman Eva Behrend said that Uber has already provided substantial amounts of data to the California Public Utilities Commission.

The most interesting part of the case is California is Uber’s home market. It may not take it seriously in India but if it fails to comply with the wishes of the authorities of California then it’s sure that it will lose its base. And one thing Uber should have learnt by now that is just creating jobs and expanding the business is not enough but a company should be good at the thought it started laid its foot. In this case being a good taxi operator. But the loads of complaints doesn’t really show the same.

#Save Tuktuki: Now the issue goes global

The issue of abduction of a 14-year-old girl Tuktuki Mondal for human trafficking in West Bengal has gone global with protests worldwide now with Human rights groups staging rallies in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Washington DC, Atlanta yesterday for Tuktuki Mondal, the fourteen year old has become the global icon representing thousands of girls who have been kidnapped, raped and sold into sexual slavery in West Bengal.

Tuktuki Mondal, a resident of Magrahat block who was appearing for Class Xth exams was allegedly kidnapped by local goons and despite constant plea of her father with the local police and administration, her fate remains unknown.

Here’s a video of a hangout organized by a US-based social activist Satya where the girl’s father recounted the horrendous experiences he underwent to recover his daughter albeit unsuccessfully.

The whole incident revolves around the incident which had happened on February 25, 2015, when the girl went to a bank to check her balance. There three persons abducted her. According to girl’s father, these three goons allegedly had the protection of a local don by the name of Salim, who it is alleged is a notorious criminal in the area. Since then the father had been in a lookout for his daughter through all means and measures even tried out writing a letter to Mr. Modi and Miss Banerjee but alas of no use.

In such a scenario people have taken to Twitter expressing their thoughts and aggression over the issue. With some accusing the government and some the people, Miss Banerjee has really some tough questions to answer.

Does Odisha have so much of surplus milk to offer?

[box]By Anwesha Brahma[/box]


The quantity of milk received at Omfed Plant in Odisha has gone up and the surplus milk needs to be despatched to other states. So, Amul has agreed to receive Omfed Milk at its plant in Kolkata. Omfed will soon sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Amul for scaling up its operations and standardisation of its products.

With the increasing amount of noise regarding the impurity of milk and of course after the news of expired milk packets being sold by Amul this kind of tie-up just raises one question whom to blame when such instances occur again.

And the next thing is why not a tie-up with a dairy farm from the state like Gowardhan or Shree Durga or may be people who are striving up for setting up a Milk plant in the state. On a rating on poverty scale Odisha stood at number 23 out of the 28 states. A thing I am sure not to be proud of. So isn’t it the responsibility of Mr. Naveen Pattanaik to uplift the state by scaling up the operations in the state itself. At list we can start it in Odisha and even after that if the production increases then one can think of signing it with the plants of other states.

Being from the same state itself I know what kind of value people have attached with Omfed. And if such a brand would have associated it with an Odiya plant then no doubt that would in a way helped in boosting the economic al growth of the state and also would have also helped in building a brand perception about other milk plants in the state.

Is China the next North Korea?!

[box]By Deeksha saksena[/box]


China has been known to keep its people under grip by stringent laws. The new one to add to China’s complete dictator rule is banning passports for Tibetans and other religious minorities.

Tibet has always been a burning point and one of the unanswered questions in China’s diplomacy. China which is under the communist rule has been known to suppress its people and especially the minorities and people from the Tibetan Autonomous Region.

The Human Rights Watch accuses Chins of discrimination

The Human Rights Watch has accused Chinese authorities of using discriminatory practice in issuing passports to the residents of areas populated by religious minorities such as Muslim minorities and Tibetans.

It has also accused the Chinese authorities of using dubious system of issuing passports for the majority and minorities. The authorities have created a two-tier system for the ones populated by ethnic Han majority and other for country’s Tibetan and Muslim minority.

Discrimination is evident

According to the rules in China, an applicant gets notified, if the passport is not issued within 15 days. But the case is different in Tibet and Xinjiang, the areas which has 10 million Uighurs as its inhabitants. Uighur is a Turkic speaking Muslim minority.

The officials still use a method of issuing passports which is older and requires more documents for this particular region. The Changdu area of Tibet has a population of 6,50,000 but only two passports were issued in 2012. There are excessive restrictions for the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) and until and unless the residents are on official business they cannot travel. It means a near-total ban on travel for the residents of these areas.

The TAR has been controlled by fierce restrictions on passports since 2012 when the passports held by residents of the area were seized by Chinese government after it announced a shift to a new ‘E-Passport’ system.

The Uighurs problem

Hundreds of Uighurs was detained last year for illegally entering Thailand. They fled the religious persecution in China as said the rights group. The Uighurs claimed to be Turkish citizens, and 181 have been allowed to go to Turkey, with more than 100 others sent back to China.

The law has always been very strict in China with a very little breathing space left for its citizens. The amount of restrictions levelled by the government over its citizen shows it to be one of the unhealthiest societies where people live under scanner 24/7.

Is China the next North Korea?!

The Chinese authorities allegedly defend themselves by saying that the restrictions on travel are to prevent the Muslim minorities from joining extremists in Middle East, but the authorities fail to acknowledge the fact that excess of suppression will lead to an uprising which would be energetic enough to shaken the roots of government. It should also realise that no country can be happy until its citizens have full right to freedom.

History is the witness that people have raised for their freedom after years of rule of dictatorship or suppression by the government. The only fear is that there should be a revolution in China as soon as possible otherwise its society is heading towards next North Korea.

Hit and Save !

[box]By Samridhi Dikshit[/box]


What image we have about Public sector employees? Either he is goofing up with truth or he is in collaboration with the criminals. But there are few who are treated as ‘The Hero’ of an event who took all browsing eyes towards them. The same is the story behind this picture, where Deputy Superintendent of Police Gurmit Singh Kingra from Punjab Police jumped into a river to save the life of a woman.

Yes, this incident within seconds made him Hero and appreciated his instant step, where he without thinking about his life jumped into the well. No doubt, these militants are meant for saving life of others. We have been witness to ‘Behind the scene stories’ and likewise this incident is also the outcome of one. There was a protest march by guest teachers along with two hundred strong crowd, against the Akali government’s transfer policy, among other things. The police used force to break up the protest, which had seen the participation of a large number of women. Police charged into them using their lathis and dragged them forcibly into the vehicles and some being forced to jump into the canal.

This lathi charge event is not new where they did injustice to the crowd. Remember 16th December protest. The other side of Police “The saviour” was seen when they acted so rudely and cruelly to the genuine protesters. So, finally whatever the incident may be, the only thing our Police did here was like this phrase “First insult them and then praise”!