Brutally honest answers

This happens when you don’t follow the world. To many, it’s A for Apple and to few A stands to 18+ or Adults. There is this line- Shauke Deedar Hai Toh Nazar Paida Kar (if you want to see the world your way, just have your eyes open). This way you can have your own imagination and creativity and that’s what these pals have taught in their answers…ENJOY!

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Post terribly tiny tales, time for #6WordStory

By the term, it is clear that terribly tiny tales are the shortest form of story telling but here are some guys who have brought stories to just 6 words. And when you read ’em, you find that they are complete in their sense. In the age of the internet when the expression has become limited to 140 characters…you can for sure cherish these shortest form of stories. So, here they are and they are by WHATASHORT…

Get over the sex guilt and enjoy it!

[box]By Kuldeep[/box]

Sex as a subject is still a taboo in India and because of that even when you think about it, you feel guilty! So anything and everything related to it makes you feel uncomfortable. For instances there have been numerous videos like why isn’t it easy to buy bras in India or what happens when you tell your parents about your sexual orientations and so on. Amongst all these, most of us know that buying a condom in India is as difficult as climbing Mount Everest (no exaggeration)! In such conditions, there come rare moments of relief with such pictures that are brutally funny and that helps in getting you over the sex guilt! So enjoy it!

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Keep calm its Khamosh’s daughter’s Birthday

sna281.Did You Know Sonakshi Sinha turned 28 today so we wish her Loads of happiness on her Birthday

dirty picture2. She never did a bold movie like Dirty Picture but is the only Dabangg girl of Bollywood

prabhu sona3. After Madhuri Dixit she is the only dancer who performed with Prabhu Deva in movies

desgnr4. She began her career in film not as actress but as costume designer

awards5. She did 17 movies in 5 years & nominated for 27 category in which she won 15

dubsmash6. She is into all the latest and trending videos, apps like dubsmash and challenges like ice bucket challenges in the industry

peta7. She is a professed animal lover and has also supported PETA.

thappar8. Sonakshi is the only girl who has not been into rumour of affair because Thappar se darr nahi lagta unko pyar se lagta hai

desi kalakaar9. Rapper Honey Singh’s first and last choice was Sonakshi for Desi Kalaakar

dlkhs2feb1310. One of the actresses who is in the ranking of tremendous weight loss transformation     (Dum laga ke Haisha agar pehle banti toh Sonakshi us movie ki actress hoti)

अगर रेल मंत्री केजरीवाल होते तो क्या होता!


खाने में तीन विकल्प मिलेगा- वेज, नॉनवेज और भूखहड़ताल
ट्रेन कहीं से भी यू-टर्न ले लेगी
अनाउंसमेंट के साथ-साथ कुमार विश्वास की कविताएं भी सुनाई जाएंगी

रेल में जितना चाहे हाई-फाई मूवी देखो, क्योंकि वाई-फाई फ्री


 ट्रेन में कंबल के साथ मफलर और टोपी फ्री


पानी की बोतल के साथ कफ सीरप फ्री
 रेलवे स्टेशन हमेशा मिलेगा साफ-सुथरा, क्योंकि चुनाव चिन्ह झाडू है भाई
 और कुछ मिले न मिले हर शिकायत की जांच जरूर होगी