Cancer due to six yard cloth: Saree!

saree cancer_Fotor_CollageIs it a piece or six yard cloth which one would choose on a precious days of life? Wedding, festival, international arena, red carpet or any event, most preferred dress is traditional Indian saree. Be it 16 year old girl or 40 year old, everyone loves wearing a saree. We all have seen our typical Indian arranged marriages. When a girl is first introduced to the boy’s family, she wears saree. We also know the fact that any Indian or American women when drapes in saree looks more gorgeous than ever. Beauty at its best reflects in this six yard long garment.

But do you know the fact that this is also one of the most dangerous attire for skin as it may cause cancer. Yes let us know how!

Typical Indian subcontinent has saree as lifetime female attire and women drape it 24*7. We all have seen our mother wearing the same or in our villages too with ghoonghat. It is worn over an inner skirt which is commonly known as petticoat that is tightened around the waist by a thick cotton cord. Whichever climate it is be it hot, humid, cold or she is cooking or relaxing saree is attached to the waist throughout the day. It gets often soiled with dust and sweat without proper cleaning. This causes changes in pigmentation and mild scaling over the waist. This, in turn, causes chronic irritation and gradually malignancy may develop in the skin at the waistline. This causes skin cancer and as it is due to saree it is called “saree cancer.”

The first case

It is very difficult to believe that this type of thing also occurs. Thus giving it a proof we have the history of its birth. The term came to be known first in 1945 when physicians described this type of skin cancer. They termed it “dhoti cancer”, then as dhoti was mostly worn by men in that era. According to a report the term “saree cancer” was first used by a group of doctors led by Dr. A.S. Patil from Bombay Hospital, India, in the Bombay Hospital Journal. The dermatological problem in the waist of Indian women wearing sarees had been recognised before by some other researchers too. This type of cancer is now also related to Marjolin’s ulcer, in which there is malignant degeneration of a chronic wound. There have been cases that have been reported till now. For your information we have some of the links, one can go through it too.


• Constant irritation with scaling and pigmentation change
• Non-healing ulcer or a hyper- or hypopigmented patch or a growth-like lesion over the waistline.
• The lesion may be associated with serous discharge with foul smell.


  • Loosen the petticoat
  • Change the thin rope-like belt to broader ones that reduce pressure on the area
  • Continuously change the level at which the petticoat is tied
  • Avoid wearing it for some hours, like at night sleeping gowns can also do
  • Regular and proper cleaning

Inside story: Happy journey part 2

Suna tha intezaar ka phal meetha hota hai par yaha itna lamba hota hai ye pehli baar dekha.  After 10 hours of waiting, passengers finally boarded the train which calmed down the platform tantrums. Carrying overweight bags and crossing all obstacles they finally reached their berths.

After checking out other people in the coach they start looking for the best berth, as if they will get a couch. Trying to put all their stuffs underneath they believe that it would be safe. Adjusting to the best place takes an hour or two, but there is a long way to go. Here starts the Bang Bang Journey!!

Chahe kitni bhi poori bhujiya achaar le aao yaha ke bread cutlet or samosa to khaoge hi.

I must tell IRCTC have very good social skills as it has given reservation to all advertising taglines of the world. As soon as everyone is settled the person starts thinking about how to start the conversation with others. OLX made it helpful “Chat quickr.”

Pee lo sabse kharab chaai,” yes! This is the new trend which pantry men are taking, and seriously it attracts huge attention. Likewise they have the most creative ways of selling their product (Ad agencies kuch toh seekho).

One gets involved in many talks’ kahi saas bahu ke gossip to kahi Modi or Kejriwal ke bahas pe chaai ki sip. In between these stories one that gets affected are the Lil champs ofcourse who neither have place to play nor friends to talk. Phir unke rone se sab ko problem kyu hoti hai.

Don’t forget to put ear buds when you are going to sleep because kharaton ki awaaz apke sapno ko choor choor kar sakti hai! All these can be enjoyed a lot when train is running on time, but here, the case is different.  Despite late start off the train was ‘Just 14 hours’ behind scheduled time of arrival at Patna. With passing hours frustration among passengers raised. No more listening to nonstop music, watching movies. No more chitchat on new Punjabi tracks by Biharis’. Thus, the status of this train was complicated jahan rukni thi waha nahi ruki or jahan nahi rukni thi waha ruk kar hi maani.

“Women: As good as men or better”

womenThe glory of life does not lie in the fact that who is superior. It lies in how you perform. The conviction with which women take up the responsibility and handle challenges in their personal life has proved their superlative ability to perform.

Today with the changing demand of society, women stepped up and have established their identity in the professional world. Earlier women were told that their only place in this world is in the home, or that as they are born a woman they are already given the career of marriage. But now things have changed and the need of evolution demand women to step equally with men and have a say in an execution of any decisive professional matter. History reveals the fact, that in this male dominating society, it has always been tough fight for a woman to prove their self at administrative level. Over heading the entire obstacle, women have proved themselves. The entrepreneurial job in many companies headed by women is one such example.

Women in corporate are needed to take a plunge and bring the humanitarian and balanced perspective to this industry. It is not only the duty of society or the opposite gender to persuade the mind of people and break the myth about the portrayal of women in society. The necessity demands that if men are answerable to their job they perform, women too are accountable for their work. Biasness comes only if you do injustice to your work. Being a woman I believe that today if women have achieved anything and have got any recognition, it is not because she was backed up by any one, it was her hard work which stood for her.

Perception about women has always been that they are less competent in cerebral job than men. But I say that the perception aroused because earlier women were not given complete exposure. Comparison is only done on the same platform. Today if asked, women is no less than men by any means and this parity came because of offering same exposure and platform to both gender. Women holding an administrable post in various sectors have set a fine example to the community who believe that women are not fit to perform equivalent to men.

Physical strength is one such disparity where women are believed to be feeble in comparison to men. To counterfeit this one such male primacy, women have also outperformed in the strength assessment task assigned to them and set a cut-throat example in the society. As a fact women are now increasingly and gradually seen marching into domains which were previously reserved for only males.

Men and women are the two pillars of society which is equally essential to be active for the overall growth and development. Comparing men and women, if men are said to work and women does not, eventually it would cut short the workforce and result to lower the overall economic growth.

Thus it can be said that women are as good as men if not better.

On Vinod Mehta: Letters to the late Editor


Once an affronting article on Shobha De, titled ‘If She Did Not Exist, We Would Have to Invent Her,’ was praised a lot. But who has thought that the same would go for its writer ‘If he did not exist, we would invent him,’ and make him live forever.

 Vinod Mehta, a pioneer, a legend of journalism, a writer, a commentator, an Editor…We can go on adding as many synonyms as he stood by all of them. Starting the career with Debonair in 1974, a men’s magazine with more topless women pictures, became most wanted to read.

Sarcasm, satire was something he believed in. Making mockery without malice to politicians was his forte.

Being influenced by British Journalism, he became one of India’s most influential editors by launching Sunday Observer. Later on he came forward by giving his best editing skills to Indian Post, The Independent, The Pioneer and Outlook. He was an editor who remained always an Editor and will be forever.

Between DustbinDubba finds that this is how certain people might have reacted on his death-

He’ll be deeply missed by Sonia Gandhi

Will have to look for another expert now- Barkha Dutt

Whose voice will I mute now- Arnab Goswami

See you in the evening for a drink- Khushwant Singh

Now we can issue ads in outlook again- Ratan Tata


The metamorphism of Indian political alliances

pic1Politics- going by the name itself, anything can happen anytime and thus has always been able to surprise us every time. It acts as per its convenience, if needed it can be archaic and in a different situation, it can become chaotic but in both the cases it leads to a recurring phenomenon of unstable governments most of the time. Instability is guaranteed whenever there is an alliance. History is the witness that alliance in India has mostly resulted in clutter and nuisance without any progressive result but the best part of some of the alliances has been that they never fail to shock us.

While we were discussing about the future course of the recent PDP – BJP alliance, the release of Hurriyat leader Masarat Alam has already put this alliance on stake. This was already a shocker when both the extreme ends decided to enter into an alliance. One wanted to win over the Hindu base the other over the Muslim base and thus an alliance came into existence in the state of Jammu and Kashmir but the question remains that will this alliance be successful?

Let’s discuss thehistory in order to know some of the alliances and its results-

Congress+Muslim League+the Hindu Mahasabha etc


  • In 1947, the interim government under the prime minister ship of Nehru was the first formal coalition consisting of the congress, the Muslim league, the Hindu Mahasabah etc. The function of this 14 member coalition government formed on Oct. 25, 1946 lasting not very long highlighted the travails of a coalition of unlike minded parties giving a good lesson in what a coalition should not do.

The first third front government- named national front 


  • Another alliance led by the Janta Dal formed the central government in the year of 1989 and it didn’t last more than two years. The best part of the story isn’t that this government didn’t last for more than two years but the spice is that it was backed both by the Congress and the BJP alternatively and as per the convenience of these national parties. Things doesn’t end here only, it had two Prime ministers (VP Singh and Chandra Shekhar) in such a short term.

The second third front government- United Front


  • After the 1996 elections, Janata Dal once again formed a 13 party United Front (UF). Though the name had changed but the characteristics were the same. It too had two Prime ministers (HD Devegauda and IK Gujral) and this coalition formed two governments in India between 1996 and 1998. Ultimately it gave a kind of nausea to the voter in the name of third front.

Political opponents in the state, allies at the centre- the SP and the BSP story

pic 5

  • There are these two political parties who are bitter opponents in the most populated state of India, Uttar Pradesh. Mayawati led BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party) and Mulayam Singh led SP (Samajwadi Party) has fought the cut throat elections in their state but when it came to be the part of the central government, both the parties extended the outside support to the Congress led UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government. It shouldn’t be counted as a shocker because Congress, SP and BSP are synonyms of unethical politics, so are almost every other Indian political party.

The U-turner Ram

pic 6

  • The so called Dalit politician from Bihar, Ram Vilas Paswan’s Lok Janshakti Party was the part of the BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) led NDA (National Democratic Alliance) government, that ran the central government in India from 1998-2004 under the Prime minister ship of Atal Bihari Bajpee but he withdrew his support in the name of secularism because he thought that the then Gujrat CM Narendra Modi was involved in the Riots that took place in the state after a train was burnt in Godhra.


AAP is the Baap of all the U-turns

pic 7

  • The AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) and the Congress alliance top the shocker chart! Though AAP gave its own reasons in order to defend itself, like it had conducted polls for should it form government with the congress or not and post that survey the party reached the conclusion that it should go with the party (read congress) against which it had formed its base and built itself.

Though the alliance gave itself up just after 49 days of its existence but the kind of damage it had done to party chief Kejriwal and the party itself can be understood by knowing the fact that AAP fought on more than 400 seats in the general elections 2014 but could secure only 4 seats from the state of Punjab which hasn’t been its stronghold.

The party lost on all seven seats in Delhi, where it had won 28 out of 70 seats in its opening election. So it can be seen like you shock voters, voters shock you in turn!

In the name of the other Indian Pariwar 

pic 8

  • This year’s (2015) only election is to take place is in the state of Bihar. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar too like one from his state (Ram Vilas Paswan) left the NDA in the name of secularism. When Modi was to be appointed the PM candidate of the BJP for the 2014 general elections, Nitish first protested against it and then withdrew. His party the JD(U) (Janata Dal United) met a complete rout in those elections and form 20+ seats the party came to just 2 in the parliament.

The devastating effect of this made Kumar resign and his party and the state of Bihar sustained a big political drama of resignations, appointments and vice versa! Another impact of these results made Kumar shake hands with his bitter most political opponent in the state, a former Bihar CM Lalu Yadav. There are other parties that met the same fate in the general elections and are to come under an umbrella alliance called the Janata Pariwar. It has to be seen that how the Indian voter does react to this development.

Some of these alliances ended with shocking and some with devastating results. In such a scenario, it’s quite difficult to predict the future course of PDP and BJP alliance but all we can do is to wish for the best and a chance for the Indian democracy!


bako-haram-isisThe world is burning. Some countries are torn apart by civil wars and some are in dearth of money. Terrorism and religious radicalisation are the two major global issues. The world has seen Al-Qaeda; it has also seen Somalian pirates and many others. The world is also seeing Islamic State of Iraq and Syria but has the world seen Boko Haram? Or is it being ignored by open eyes.

Both the groups have numerous similarities and their common agenda seems to rain atrocities on innocent. They share a common ideology of instilling a state of fear amongst all so that their dominance could easily be established.

IS and Boko Haram, both have been named as Islamic terror groups and they also share the similar agenda of establishing a caliphate. Both the Islamist extremist ideological groups are against the modern world shaped by political, economic and social liberalism.

The groups share a common hatred towards the western ideology, Boko Haram’s rough translation means- western civilisation is forbidden.

The ignorance of mainstream media to the violence committed by Boko Haram was much evident when it ignored the killing of more than 2000 Nigerians in Baga and covered the killing of 17 people in France in a series of attack including the one on Charlie Hebdo. Amnesty International had termed the Baga incident as one of the “Deadliest massacre”. The fact remains that reporting in Nigeria was never easy as the militants keep attacking journalists and it never gets attention as other such incidents get globally.

Although they share so much of similarity, the only fact that intrigues me is- why the world and most importantly the media is ignoring Boko Haram? An organisation which controls most of the Northern Nigeria, group that has kidnapped more than 200 school girls in Chibok is not able to capture significant global attention.

According to experts (which include researchers on Islamic studies, journalist and major political thinkers around the globe) Boko Haram is much more brutal than ISIS but their brutality does not come to the forefront, which keeps them devoid of all the attention that ISIS gets.

ISIS has attracted more foreign fighters than Boko Haram. It is interesting to note that ISIS controls major oil fields in Syria. As we know, If you have Oil, world is at your feet. On the other hand Boko Haram is no less dangerous as it has been in association with many deadly terror groups around the globe. The recent video released by them that shows the beheading of two prisoners raise questions that has Boko Haram some kind of affiliation with ISIS? The video also suggests that Boko Haram is trying to exploit the space at social media which is generously used by ISIS to propagate its brutality.

The other major reason for ISIS’s increasing popularity and the attention of western world towards it is because of its high profile hostages which are mostly from the powerful western countries.

Boko Haram is brutal enough, it has used kids as human bombs, not only this intensifying violence perpetrated by Islamist radicals and government troops in Nigeria has for the first time claimed more than 10,000 lives in just 12 months, according to new figures.

The fact remains intact that Nigeria alone will not be able to deal with the menace of Boko Haram and it needs adequate attention of the West as well as east and other parts of the globe. The global attitude towards Boko Haram very evidently poses a question – Are we least concerned about the lives of Africans?

Is it really a HAPPY JOURNEY?

Capture (2)Be it any occasion any season, railway and delay have deep connection.

People are addressed ‘lucky’ if not by clearing competitive exams but by booking competitive railway tickets. Especially during tatkals 10 bajte hin irctc ke 12 baj jaate hain.

Within seconds the seats are booked as if Amitabh Bachchan’s movie has been screened. Even worst trains regret from inviting you on that date. This is the condition of trains every time when one wants to book tickets. Gone are the days when we made queues in front of ticket booking windows on station. Remember, jo aage hai please usko bol do mera bhi ticket le le!

These were the conditions then but now sitting alone laptop ke saamne is seriously like giving board papers. Refresh the page..Its loading..107 seats available..Fill the names.. Oh God these irritating captcha.. Pay the amount..Transaction being done..and then comes.. Waiting list 110!! In just 3 seconds.

God knows how many million people travel especially from Delhi to Patna that whenever you want to book they regret. Yes this time railway budget relieved us for seconds by extending the advance booking months. But think about students who have to book tickets for their exams. It is not Independence Day that the dates would remain same every year.

Scheduling and rescheduling of trains don’t bring smile on passengers face but on the plastic mat sellers for their high demands. People waiting for trains spread those mats on platform and sleep for hours and hours in search of train. Even the snack counters and tea stalls on platforms increase their sales.

 Raahat ki saans tab milti hai jab aapke engine ki seeti bajti hai. But in reality the actual journey (kya jhel hai bhai maalgaadi ko toh paas na de) starts then in search of HAPPY JOURNEY unlike happy endings of bollywood movies.

No selfies of celebs of ‘Graduation day’

FotorCreated1“Padhoge likhoge to banoge nawab, nachoge gaoge to banoge kharab”


Gone are the days when our mother used to say these words every now and then.  Especially in the evening when our friends came ringing their bicycle bell signalling to come out for play. But this 21st century has left behind those entire Kitab Ke Panne one above the other in a carton ready to go to Kabadiwala.

 Today who is the richest person in the world? Celebrities who’ve just single film revenue of crores or the cricketers, Jinke Sirf Naam Hi Kaafi Hai to be sold at a price of 16 crores. Both these personalities have highest income with least education. Then what is wrong if our Gen next is choosing it as a career.

 Recently we heard that Sonam Kapoor is graduating this year (finally). Yes, but there are many unlucky backbenchers, who have still not got their selfies of graduation day.  In the list is Deepika Padukone, whose studies have been like her movie Break Ke Baad.

 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who enrolled at Raheja College of Arts but later on, gave it up for modelling; her books are still telling her loudly Aa Ab Laut Chalen.  Our very own perfectionist, Aamir Khan who played the role of teacher was always at risk of being expelled from school for non-payment of fees. His tough schooling days did not gave her star marks in notebooks but his acting career made Taare Zameen Par.

 These are the list of a few celebs but let’s have a look at our Master Blaster’s career. He paid more attention to bats than copy and pen. So, his brother shifted his schooling to Sharadashram Vidyamandir High School, at Dadar which had a dominant cricket team and had produced many notable cricketers. There are many like him for whom education was none of their business. If we start listing out their name then this story will lose out the peg (as told by my Boss).

 How can we forget the two most talked about women on the same of our industry Alia Bhatt and HRD minister Smriti Irani? Alia never chose to be the Student of the Year in her schooling career, this we all have seen through her viral jokes. Smriti Irani, who doesn’t know where, is the degree? May be it is kept as sacred as Tulsi, please touch with washed hands only.

Why grooming is very important in maintaining beauty ?

While I was about to write this article I found list of questions like. How to oil your hair? How to be well groomed? I think you must have guessed what I am about to say. Today these questions are so important that people are searching for it. There are specific sites which are working on grooming and beauty tips.

For a girl wearing her wedding gown or a boy going on a first date, the question remains the same How am I looking? Am I looking fat? And so on, you will get short of answers but question would never be.   Today, men and women around the world embrace grooming as an essential part of their everyday routines. Once an activity limited to the daily morning shave of the face, grooming is now about the whole body from head to toe. If this is the condition for men, then can you imagine the grooming status of women in the world?

Three most beautiful women in the world are Grandmother, Mother and Wife. Generation after generation the meaning of beauty has changed. Earlier it was internal beauty which was important but it is not that those ladies barred themselves from makeup. They did apply all the beauty products available then, but preferred home made products more. I remember my grandmother applying ‘Multani Mitti’ for washing hair or on face as a pack. Dresses which we use to see in 80s and 90s are back in Bollywood now, so it’s not that the people are now trending more towards grooming.

Grooming not only means beautifying oneself by applying millions of products but what matters most is the presentation. Ladies today focus more on presentation, like they always check their matching sandals, dresses, earrings and purse before stepping out for partying.

Women often make terrible mistakes by wearing the clothes that are trendy in vogue. Whatever maybe in the fashion remembers that, there are hundreds of designs available in the market but that doesn’t mean all of them are designed for you. So, the best way to look great is to rather know your body shape. This is the first thing which anyone looks at the first impression.

It’s always good to follow the Fashion Do’s and Don’ts but make sure what applies to you and your body type rather than that of some HOT models or actors! We all know money says it all. But mind you ladies don’t give preference to plenty of money in your pocket to buy one of those modish gowns but unfortunately can’t wear it because it just doesn’t fit them! We see hundreds of clothes that look great on hangers but as soon as you put it on your body, you want to take it off. Either it’s looks awful on your short legs or it’s too baggy on the hips or too tight in the thighs and rear. So, knowing one’s own body is the main fashion mantra. In this generation there is no need to waste time in malls and shopping for hours with husband carrying all the weight of the world in shopping bags. Just sit beside your husband with a cup of tea made by you and ask for the credit card with love. And then what work is done. Give a click on the best dress you like on those online shopping sites, Jabong, flipkart etc.

Dress, clutches, accessories and layers of makeup on the faces presents a lady. Remember we have pictures of actresses with or without make up! Today there is mushrooming range of beauty products in the market. Maybelline baby lips its one of the most selling product in the market today. With all pink, red and natural shades it gives to the lips because yes, it probably starts with the gaze of the lips.

Maybelline has a huge range of new products launched in India. Recently successful was the ‘Colossal kajal’. Go all out with glamorous eyes in the most exciting Colossal Kohl – Turquoise which lines like Kohl and defines like a liner. Now let your nails dazzle and shine with Maybelline New York’s Colour Show Glitter Mania nail colour range. Priding itself as India’s first-ever textured nail paint, the Colour Show Glitter Mania range is every nail-art lover’s dream! When applied, these sparkling nail colours deliver a 3D shimmering effect, adding oodles of style to your tips. They also have a unique sand-textured effect that looks and feels great on your nails. With 8 glittering nail colour shades to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect shade for every mood.

Strike an heir of sophistication this holiday season with royally rich colour that exudes an aristocratic allure with Mac cosmetics. It has come up with huge range of eye products and new trendy bags to go with any dresses. Two of the most important part of the body for girls is their eyes and lip which they are fond of. They could not take any risk with these two parts. So, most of the cosmetic products are linked with these. When moving on to overall grooming of the body what strikes first is waxing, pedicure, manicure, hair spa and how can we forget the soothing feel of Jacuzzi. Today men are leaving behind women. They are also banging up with waxing and other body grooming activities. Facial skincare products remain a key part of beauty and grooming routines, with 98% of women and 88% of men using facial skincare products.

 Today body fitness and health care also plays a significant role in personality development. Taking for example our leading actresses like, Bipasha Basu, Shilpa Shetty etc are coming ahead with their yoga tips and have put their best foot forward in this health world. Real screen and reel screen is totally different but women out here are more possessive when talked about their body and they go on comparing themselves with that of actresses. This brings forward the need for change and craze for looking ‘The Best’ in the world. As it is pretty known that ‘every girl is her own favourite’- Kareena Kapoor’s best quote from Jab We Met!