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Defying the general convention of star kids in Bollywood and beyond, the heart throb of billions, King Khan stands out as the brightest actor in Indian Film Industry. It would be an understatement to place Shahrukh Khan, even at the top, in the league of his contemporaries. It’s high time that we identify him among legends as Rajkapoor, Gurudatt and Amitabh Bachchan and Dilip kumar among others.

As he turns fifty, it’s amazing to look back at the path trodden by him. Starting with a mediocre debutorial, ‘Dil aashna hai’ and more of a negative role in ‘Darr’, Delhi boy has achieved everything which one can ever dream of. Talking about his film career, once acclaimed as lover boy, Shahrukh has played a variety of characters. With a series of negative roles’ touch such as Darr, Baazigar, Duplicate etc., Shahrukh khan has been a lover boy, a drama boy, a patriot and many more. It would be cliche to talk about his filmography, as whether we like or dislike him, we’ve grown up watching him onscreen and lately, offscreen.

Apart from being a versatile actor, Shahrukh is known to be a sensible, humorous and generous being in his personal life, though mildly accused of his arrogant behaviour. He has been described as a loyal husband, a great father and a true friend by his family and acquiantances.

Shahrukh currently owns his own production company Red Chillies Entertainments, managed by his wife Gauri Khan and he’s also invested in IPL and is owner of Kolkata Knight Riders.

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