Paint Plz don’t faint

The first thing that we used to do on a computer screen was to open the ‘Microsoft Paint’. In those days everyone was a painter, known mostly for their abstract art that included just colours splashed on the screen. Performing calligraphy art with shaking hands able to write the names correctly without any uneven lines. Writing and rubbing as if the painting was a game, drawing illustrations of the sun, mountain, hut, and river, yes the perfect combination of art!

Now, Microsoft Paint, how can you keep intact all our memories in your paint box and get yourself recycled? Yes, the eternal or one of the first graphics editors used by many and was an integral part of Windows, that was born in the 1980s, has now been marked for death in 2017. With the constant update of the software, Microsoft next Window  10 update, known as the Autumn (or Fall in the US) Creators Update, will bring a variety of new and innovative features. The newly introduced tool will have Paint 3D, installed alongside traditional Paint and will have highlight 3D image making tools along with some basic 2D image editing. But remember, it is not an update to original Paint and doesn’t behave like it.

But our eternal love for Microsoft Paint will no more be visible as it is getting chopped off. Whenever one needed just to scribble something or make a quick cut and paste job, Paint was always there, holding our hand, even on work computers. The time has come to bid adieu to the piece of software that has been with us for as long as we can remember.